For Some Reason, Samsung Used Bridgerton To Unveil the Galaxy S22

For Some Reason, Samsung Used Bridgerton To Unveil the Galaxy S22
Image: Samsung

Samsung this morning unleashed its brand-new Galaxy S Series, comprising the budget-friendly S22, the ‘little-bit-more’ S22+ and the Note redo, the S22 Ultra. But Samsung also unleashed a crossover we didn’t expect – via Netflix’s Bridgerton.

The bizarre clip, well, super-mini episode, goes for just over 3 minutes.

Ahead of the clip, we’re given a tiny bit of context:

The season’s inventor’s ball at the Palace is a highly sought after invitation, where the most innovative minds try to gain the queen’s attention.

The Bridgerton crossover starts with a joke about a raincoat (and a competitor) from Lord Mackintosh (ha. ha. ha.) then we get the Samsung Galaxy S22s…

Lord Trister enters the room, bringing with him an entourage of Galaxy-S22-pics-in-a-frame-wielding women. Queen Charlotte looks bemused.

Samsung bridgerton
Image: Samsung

“Your highness, I give you the Samsung Galaxy S22.”

“What is it?”

“It is a correspondence device that produces moving pictures.”

“It is beautiful.”

Anyway, the finished product will be presented to the court “shortly” in 210, maybe 209 years. So…

Here’s the clip:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+, as well as the Galaxy S22 Ultra will ship next month. Here’s more info on the two flagship phones and the Note-like Ultra. Season two of Netflix’s Bridgerton, meanwhile, will start streaming on March 25.