Peugeot Is Perfectly Happy With Novak Djokovic: Report

Peugeot Is Perfectly Happy With Novak Djokovic: Report

In France, where 80 per cent of the population has at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, getting the jab is still, nonetheless, controversial among some for reasons you can guess (something something personal freedom). A source told Reuters, meanwhile, that the French carmaker Peugeot is “glad” that the unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic, who was deported from Australia in January for posing a public health risk, “has expressed himself.”

This story is, admittedly, a little weird, as Reuters quotes a source purporting to offer Peugeot’s position on the matter but doesn’t quote anyone from Peugeot directly.

“We anticipate the Peugeot brand will be represented at the tournament in Dubai on Mr. Djokovic’s shirt,” the source close to Peugeot told Reuters on condition of anonymity.


“Peugeot has taken note of Mr. Djokovic’s statements and is glad that he has expressed himself,” the source said.

Asked about the long-term future of the sponsorship, the source said discussions on relations between the brand and the player were continuing in good faith.

I emailed Peugeot for comment and a spokesman said, “Thank you for our interest for [sic] our Brand. We don’t have any comment to make,” so there’s that.

Reuters, meanwhile, either didn’t get comment or got a no-comment from two of Djokovic’s other sponsors, Hublot, which makes watches, and Lacoste, which makes shirts with crocodiles on them, among other goods.

Djokovic broke his silence on the whole “getting deported from Australia” debacle earlier this week with an interview with the BBC, in which he explained that he’s not against vaccinations but that he’s “always supported the freedom to choose what you put in your body.” That is not really the point, of course, but is a good indication of who Djokovic thinks is the real victim here. Peugeot, seemingly, agrees.