Stop Wasting Time and Grab This Garmin Smart Watch While It’s 40% Off

Stop Wasting Time and Grab This Garmin Smart Watch While It’s 40% Off
Image: Garmin
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The Garmin Venu Sq smart watch has made a name for itself as a more budget-friendly option from Garmin’s range of premium smart watches. It’s been praised for its bright colour display at such an affordable price, as well as how comfortable it is to wear.

Garmin smart watches are well-known among fitness lovers for being able to track things like your heart rate and performance during high-intensity activities like running and cycling, as well as making calls on the fly. Some even have a functionality where you can make contactless payments with a simple tap of the wrist, so it’s not hard to see why these smart watches are fast becoming a must-have accessory.

Now onto the good part. The Venu Sq smart watch usually sells for RRP of $299, but right now, you can save a whopping $125 off at Amazon Australia. This sale brings it down to a solid $174. The discount has been applied to its black, gold and white as well as lavender coloured models. Shop it here for $179.

Most other fitness trackers feature not-so-chic rubber wrist straps, which might be nice and waterproof, but it denotes little style. That’s one of the reasons why Garmin specialise as one of the leading smart watch makers — they don’t compromise style for functionality.

If you’re someone who prefers to leave their phone behind when they go out to exercise, having a smart watch is mighty handy. After all, most workout leggings don’t come any fancy pockets (but they should) and a strappable armband is both annoying and uncomfortable to wear.

What can the Garmin Venu do?

Stop Wasting Time and Grab This Garmin Smart Watch While It’s 40% Off
Image: Garmin

The Garmin Venu smart watch supports the standard health monitoring features that most brands do — like on-wrist heart monitoring and sleep tracking. We’d be worried if it didn’t. The Venu Sq takes a more in-depth look towards your overall fitness by tracking your body’s energy levels, so you can find the best times to squeeze in a workout.

By wearing it daily, it’ll even monitor your stress levels and alert you when it’s time to take a breather. It’ll prompt you with a mini breathing exercise, which means it already pays more attention to you than most of your nearest and dearest.

If you want some assistance tracking your menstrual cycle or pregnancy, you can download the Garmin Connect app to log your symptoms. It will also offer exercise and nutrition advice to keep you in tip-top shape. Don’t we need it when it’s that time of the month?

It comes preloaded with up to 20 GPS and indoor sports apps, which might just be our favourite feature. You see, unless you’re a boss at setting fitness goals, or committing to a specific routine, you tend to plateau quickly. How else are you meant to keep yourself accountable without a personal coach on the sidelines? Well, if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to challenge yourself, you can use Garmin Connect to access one of many fitness routines, including a pilates workout or a personal running coach to keep you on track.

Garmin Venu Sq smartwatch in lavender
Image: Garmin

With all of those fitness benefits said and done, let’s talk about its usefulness outside of the gym. Let’s say that you got pumped in a workout and now you’re due for a coffee date at that cute cafe nearby, but of course, you didn’t bring your phone, nor your wallet — because why would you when you have a Garmin Venu Sq? Whether you’re in transit at the train station or queuing up for that espresso, contactless payments are made all the more easier thanks to this Garmin smart watch.

Oh, and if you’re having trouble finding a nearby friend? Send a text from your wrist or just send your location to one of your contacts manually. If that’s not a smart watch, then we don’t know what is.

Shop the Garmin Venu Sq in black, gold and white or lavender here for $179 (down from $299).