Darn. The ACMA Isn’t Looking Into UFOs for Its Foreign Space Objects Review

Darn. The ACMA Isn’t Looking Into UFOs for Its Foreign Space Objects Review
Image: FOX

Use ‘foreign space objects’ in a press release title and of course I’m going to think the Australian government has found something UFO-adjacent in outer space.

Nope. It’s way more boring than that.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is reviewing the Radiocommunications Amendment Determination.

These objects, in this context, actually means kit that’s been placed super high in the sky by companies that aren’t Australian.

The ACMA wants to change Schedule 1 of the Radiocommunications (Foreign Space Objects) Determination 2014. This will include the following as owners, controllers or operators of foreign space objects:

  • Kuiper Systems LLC (incorporated in the United States)
  • Omnispace LLC (incorporated in the United States)
  • Ovzon Sweden AB (incorporated in Sweden)
  • Telesat Canada (incorporated in Canada).

These entities, the ACMA says, want to apply for space/space receive apparatus licences. This will allow them to access frequencies in the Radiocommunications (Communication with Space Object) Class Licence 2015 for user terminals.

“Under the Radiocommunications Act 1992, a foreign satellite operator must be included in the Foreign Space Objects Determination before its satellite system can be licensed to operate in shared satellite radiofrequency bands listed in the CSO Class Licence,” the ACMA explains.

Inclusion in the Determination does not give an entity the right to a licence. However, it is needed for a space apparatus licence to be issued.

So that’s what it’s consulting on, not UFOs. Darn.