U.S. President Joe Biden Throws His Support Behind Aussie EV Startup Tritium

U.S. President Joe Biden Throws His Support Behind Aussie EV Startup Tritium
Image: Tritium

Australian EV startup Tritium is opening a factory in the United States, where it will build charging stations for electric vehicles and basically flourish in a market pretty keen on petrol-less cars.

Although the startup has Aussie roots, Brisbane, in fact, it’s actually listed in the U.S., ringing the Nasdaq bell only last month. And it’s having whopping success in the U.S. – even President Joe Biden has been singing their praise.

Biden is happy with Tritium’s decision to stand up a factory in Tennessee, saying he has a vision for “electrifying” transportation and supporting manufacturing jobs.

“This is great news for workers across the country, for the economy and frankly for the planet,” Biden said.

Tritium’s new factory is expected to eventually produce as many as 30,000 electric vehicle chargers a year.

The location is expected to house up to six production lines for Tritium’s DC fast chargers. It’s also expected to bring more than 500 jobs to the region over the next five years.

Tritium was founded in 2001 by Dr. David Finn, James Kennedy and Dr. Paul Sernia. Drawing upon two decades of power electronics experience in the renewable energy field, Tritium has established itself as a global leader in the DC fast charging space for EVs.

As our friends at Business Insider Australia detail, the Tennessee factory follows an aggressive push by the company to compete with more established EV firms in the Asia Pacific region as well as a concerted effort to capitalise on Biden’s investment in green tech.

In Australia, Tritium chargers are being rolled out by Evie Networks. (While you’re here, you may as well check out our guide on how to navigate EV chargers around Aus).

Tritium is kicking butt and it’s good to see Aussie EV tech making a name for itself internationally.