It’s Your Last Chance to Grab a Big Discount on ELEGOO’s Big 3D Printer

It’s Your Last Chance to Grab a Big Discount on ELEGOO’s Big 3D Printer
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We recently covered a pretty decent deal for Flashforge’s Adventurer 3, a filament 3D printer which, while good, lacks some of the finer detail quality on smaller print jobs due to the nature of its printing process. For some, that lack of fidelity is a bit of a turn-off, especially if their 3D printing goals involve crafting jewellery or small figurines.

If you’ve been looking to get into 3D printing or you want to make the jump from filament printing to resin printing, you can currently grab a fantastic deal on ELEGOO’s Saturn printer. You can currently snag this resin printer on sale for $479.99 over at Amazon Australia.

That is a massive discount. If you take a look around other Australian retailers, most of them are offering the Saturn in the ballpark of $650 to $700. Amazon Australia itself had the printer listed for $639.99 back in late January.

This offer is only available until 11.55pm, 16 February, so you’ve got until tonight to take advantage of this sale.

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The ELEGOO Saturn is a Masked Stereolithography Apparatus (MSLA) printer that uses a vat of liquid photosensitive resin and an array of UV LED lights to form objects. To print objects, the Saturn uses an LCD photomask to quickly flash the resin with the UV lights while moving moves layer by layer, which causes it to harden and cure.

The Saturn uses a 4K HD LCD, which allows you to more accurately print much finer detailed objects. Unlike filament printers, where the layering is much more obvious, the Saturn’s surface finish is considerably smoother with an overall better print quality.

What makes the ELEGOO Saturn significant is its size, making it a great upgrade option if your current resin printer is a bit on the smaller size. It has a fairly large printing volume of 192 x 120 x 200mm, making it a great option if you plan on making big 3D print jobs. It also gives you more space to print multiple parts in a single job.

If your 3D printing goals involve making a lot of tabletop gaming miniatures, Saturn’s larger print volume will let you bump up the total number of figures and objects you can produce per session.

One thing worth noting is that the ELEGOO Saturn doesn’t come with any resin, so you’ll need to buy some separately beforehand if you want to start printing straight away. If this is your first time using a resin printer, it’s important that you wash off the excess liquid resin when your print job is done. After that, you’ll need to dry it and then post-cure it by exposing it to UV light and heat.

The ELEGOO Saturn is available on sale for $479.99 here, along with a 1000g bottle of resin here.