From Batman to More Batman, Here Are All the DC Projects in 2022

From Batman to More Batman, Here Are All the DC Projects in 2022
Image: Warner Bros.
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With Disney betting heavily on its Marvel and Star Wars franchises, WarnerMedia is stepping up to the plate with more movies and TV shows based on DC characters.

Following a fairly slow 2021 with the release of The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, DC is poised to make a huge comeback in 2022 with a range of original movies and sequels hitting the big and small screens.

Here’s which DC movies and TV shows are coming out in 2022.

All the DC Movies and TV shows releasing in 2022


The Batman

new movies 2022 the batman
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Sitting separate from the DCEU, Robert Pattinson’s turn in The Batman already looks to be one of the best Batman movies so far.

Set in Batman’s early years of crimefighting, the caped crusader plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a new serial killer, The Riddler. Along the way, he discovers a web of corruption that leads back to his own family.

Release Date: March 3

DC League of Super-Pets

dc league of super pets dc films
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

One for lovers of animation and pets is DC’s League of Super-Pets. The movie stars Krypto the Super-Dog who fights side by side with Superman but loses his best friend when the Justice League are kidnapped.

The voice cast is stacked with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Hart and John Krasinski. This one should be a fun ride if nothing else.

Release Date: May 19

Black Adam

black adam dc movies
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Dwayne Johnson appears in his second DC movie of the year with the long-awaited Black Adam.

The famous Shazam anti-hero gets his time in the spotlight with Johnson putting on the black cape for an origin story that has him catching bullets and crushing humans. The movie will also introduce some famous members of the Justice Society of America including Hawkman and Doctor Fate.

Release Date: July 28

The Flash

the flash 2022 dc movies
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller gets his first solo outing as the fastest man alive in The Flash.

The movie promises to dive into some wild multiverse time travel as Barry attempts to go back in time and rescue his mother from death. The results apparently summon both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman to help, along with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl.

Release Date: November 3

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

aquaman and the lost kingdom dc movies 2022
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

The sequel to 2018’s Aquaman sees Jason Momoa return once again as the King of Atlantis. This time, Aquaman forges an uneasy alliance to protect Atlantis and goes on a world-hopping adventure to new and mysterious locations. He also gets an upgraded black suit, so you know things are getting serious now.

Release Date: December 26


batgirl movie dc films 2022
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

After March we can forget about Batman films because Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is taking over. Leslie Grace is stepping into the iconic cowl alongside J.K. Simmons as Jim Gordon and Michael Keaton’s Batman once again (ok, maybe don’t forget Batman just yet).

Batgirl will be released sometime in 2022 on HBO Max in the U.S. but stay tuned for an Aussie release date and streaming platform.

Release Date: TBC 2022

What is the correct order to watch all the DCEU films?

Before you dive into all these new DC movies in 2022, you might want to catch up on your history, particularly in the DCEU.

While certain films like The Batman and DC League of Super-Pets exist outside the DCEU a lot of the other films build on what’s come before so it’s important to catch up on the story so far.

Here’s the chronological viewing order of all the DCEU films to date:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • Man of Steel
  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Suicide Squad
  • Justice League
  • Zack Snyder’s Justice League (not canon)
  • Aquaman
  • Shazam!
  • Birds of Prey
  • The Suicide Squad

TV Shows


DC extended universe TV peacemaker
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: HBO/Warner Bros.

Peacemaker was the surprising breakout star of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad which landed John Cena his own superhero series. The antihero is recruited once again by the government in Peacemaker to take on a dangerous mission that has both raunchy and violent results.

Release date: Streaming now on Binge

Superman & Lois

superman and lois dc movies tv shows
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Superman & Lois brought yet another iteration of Superman to the forefront, but this small-screen edition did things a little differently. Painting Superman as a family man struggling to raise his two teenage sons while also saving the world was a refreshing take on the Man of Steel.

Season 2 of the show digs further into Superman’s other half, Lois, and reveals more of the Lane family history.

Release date: Streaming now on Binge


naomi dc tv shows movies
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Naomi, a comic book nerd and huge Superman fan, sets out to uncover the origins of a supernatural event in her town with help from her adoptive parents and best friend.

A fairly typical tale of learning about hidden superpowers follows. Naomi is created by Ava DuVernay and stars Kaci Walfall in the central role.

Release date: Streaming now on Binge


batwoman dc tv batman
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Batwoman’s third season continues with Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) under the cowl. After fully accepting her role as Batwoman last season, Ryan is balancing saving the city with learning the truth about her real mother.

Plenty of villains from Batman’s rogues gallery are set to make an appearance this season, including one Poison Ivy.

Release date: Streaming now on Binge

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

dc's legends of tomorrow dc movies tv shows
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

DC’s most outlandish TV show yet puts a conglomerate of Arrowverse heroes onto one time travelling ship. In season 7 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends find themselves stuck in a new time period without their trusty waverider. As always, calamity ensues.

Release date: Streaming now on Binge

The Flash (TV Series)

the flash season 8 dc movies tv shows
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

The first part of The Flash’s eighth season played host to the annual Arrowverse crossover, this time titled ‘Armageddon’, which saw Team Flash bringing in all the help they could get to fight an invading alien threat.

When the series returns we’ll see how the team deals with the aftermath.

Release date: Season 8 returns on March 9, 2022.


stargirl dc tv shows movies
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Stargirl takes the superhero vibes back to high school as a group of young heroes rise to become the new Justice Society of America. Stargirl’s third season is subtitled Frenemies, so read into that what you will.

Release date: TBC 2022

Harley Quinn

harley quinn animated series dc movies tv shows
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: WarnerMedia

Harley Quinn’s animated series has been one of the most surprising delights out of DC in recent memory. The raunchy, violent and incredibly meta animated show finds Harley rediscovering herself after her break up with the Joker.

Fast-forward a couple of seasons and Harley has found a new romance with her best friend Poison Ivy and leads a gang of villains of her own.

Release date: TBC 2022

The Sandman

Image: The Sandman promotional image/Netflix
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Netflix

It’s often forgotten that The Sandman exists under the DC umbrella, but Neil Gaiman’s hugely successful collection of fantasy graphic novels has more than one reference to the DC universe.

In 2022 The Sandman will finally get its long-awaited live-action adaptation with Tom Sturridge taking on the role of the dream lord Morpheus, who has been captured and imprisoned by humans for over a hundred years and upon his escape must restore balance to his kingdom.

Release date: TBC 2022


From Batman to More Batman, Here Are All the DC Projects in 2022
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Epix

You’ll find out the untold history of Batman’s faithful butler Alfred in his solo series Pennyworth. The first couple of seasons explored Alfred’s time in the British special forces. Now that the civil war is over, Pennyworth plans to do a time jump for its third season and explore a new age where a cultural revolution has changed the world.

Release date: TBC 2022


DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

The dark and gritty take on the Teen Titans has gone a long way with fans and was recently picked up for a fourth season. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, leads the team that is made up of Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and, more recently, Superboy.

Not much is known about Titans’ fourth season except that it’s happening and is expected to release in 2022.

Release date: TBC 2022

Doom Patrol

doom patrol season 4
DC movies and TV shows 2022. Image: Warner Bros.

Another ragtag group of heroes make their way to the screen in Doom Patrol. The team is made up of physically and mentally traumatised heroes who investigate some of the world’s strangest cases.

Kind of like the Suicide Squad, the Doom Patrol are shunned by society, but luckily they have each other. Again not much is known about the fourth season except we can expect to see it this year sometime.

Release date: TBC 2022

If that wasn’t enough new DC movies and TV shows to add to your is this year, why not check out every other major sci-fi, fantasy and horror flick set to release in 2022.