Handy Cleaning Gadgets And Tools You Never Knew You Needed

Handy Cleaning Gadgets And Tools You Never Knew You Needed
Image: iRobot
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Let’s face it, many of us loathe to get down with the elbow grease and scrub a bathtub or god forbid, a toilet. Whether it’s out of a lack of time, pure laziness or a hatred of manual labour, we rarely put cleaning at the top of our to-do list. But when we get some fancy new gadgets or tools, like a robot vacuum, suddenly our next cleaning session looks all the more inviting.

When something makes your life easier (and it’s happens to be super satisfying to watch), it doesn’t feel like work. We can’t tell you how long we’ve put off cleaning the microwave or shining our jewellery but when you can buy something that will do most of the work for you — who said money can’t buy happiness?

From a mini desk vacuum to a mopping robot, here are a bunch of cleaning tools and gadgets that are sure to take the pain out of cleaning.

Mini desk vacuum

Mini desk vacuum

A mini desk vacuum is one of those things you need to see in action to appreciate how satisfying it is. While it may seem trivial, desk vacuums serve as an efficient way to clear dust or crumbs off your desk without palming them onto the floor.

Check it out below:


Only lost points because it’s advertised as rechargeable but only takes batteries #desktopvacuumcleaner #amazonhomefinds #cleaningtiktok

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As mentioned in the TikTok above, you can even use them on your kitchen countertop to suck up coffee grounds or grains of sugar (a pet peeve of ours). It even includes a little cleaning brush, so when you open it up, you can use the brush to gently scrape the dirt into your trash bin.

Shop the mini desk vacuum here from $22.84.

Mopping robot

Mopping vacuum
Image: iRobot

You’ve heard of robot vacuums, but have you heard of robot mops? Now, while there are some robot vacuum cleaners on the market that possess mopping functions, many of them aren’t quite as efficient as this guy.

This robot mop by iRobot shoots a precision jet spray in front of itself before moving over it with its vibrating cleaning head to ensure your floors are squeaky clean. It can even get amongst those hard-to-reach spots, like around your toilet or underneath cabinets.

With three mopping modes, you get to decide how efficiently it cleans. For a quick-drying job, pick damp mopping mode; for an in-depth clean, go for the wet mopping mode; and if you just need a dry sweep, there’s a mode for that too.

Get your mopping robot here for $466.16.

Electric extendable scrubbing brush

Image: Holikme

Next to cleaning the toilet, scrubbing a bathtub is an overlooked pain point. All those awkward positions, hunching over and jumping in and out really makes it an unpleasant experience. The same can go for giving your shower a good clean — especially when the smell of chemicals fill the air.

That’s why it’s great to take a step back with this electric scrubbing brush. The extendable scrubbing brush is the lovechild between a power drill and your regular scrubbing brushes that will take the hard labour out of cleaning. It includes three brushes with an extendable reach attachment, so you no longer have to worry about throwing your back out getting to those awkward nooks and crannies.

Shop one here for $31.42, down from $57.94.

Cleaning gel

Cleaning gel
Image: Royeo

This miracle cleaning gel has almost 13,000 reviews on Amazon, and for good reason. How often do you think about removing the dust from your air vents or in between the keys of your keyboard? If you knew how much dirt was hiding in those crevasses, you’d feel sick. You can even use this auto-detailing gel on your calculator, handset and TV remote.

One of the best benefits is that it’s reusable. Once its colour turns dark, that’s when you know it’s time to trade up. But in between uses, just keep it in its tightly sealed jar.

Grab one here for $16.99.

Microwave cleaner

Microwave cleaner
Image: Angry Mama

Mama would be angry if she saw the sorry state your microwave is in. If you’re not someone who uses cling wrap or a microwave cover when heating up a bowl of leftovers… respectfully, what are you doing? Chances are your microwave has grown a solid crust along its internal walls, probably made up of milk splatters and a handful of pasta sauce explosions you decided to half-heartedly clean up.

While you could scrub and scrub away at the dirt and grime you’ve left for too long, just throw in this Angry Mama microwave cleaner instead. While it won’t actually clean your microwave, it will soften any gross, old food stuck to the walls so you can just wipe, rather than scrub, away.

Get one here for $18.52.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner
Image: Life Basis

If you’re someone with a lot of jewellery or always using the bottom of your shirt to clean your glasses, you don’t need to keep a lot of random cleaning tools. Instead, you need to pick up this ultrasonic cleaner.

This device can rid your accessories of the most stubborn contaminants, including grease, dirt, stains and even sand. All you need to do is fill it with water up to the max line, place what items you need cleaned inside and then turn it on. It will begin generating 46,000Hz cycle ultrasonic energy waves to create microscopic cleansing bubbles that will attack and remove stains.

In mere minutes, your jewellery will look shiny and brand new. Please note that it’s best you avoid cleaning precious gems such as emeralds or pearls in this ultrasonic cleaner, or you’ll risk damaging them. But you can wash watches with a metal band by placing the face of the watch on top of its internal watch holder.

Pick up an ultrasonic cleaner here for $79.99, down from $85.99.

Window cleaning robot

A robot window cleaner.
Image: iStock/DaryaDanik

Window cleaning is one of those chores you put off and only complete every few months. By the time you finally get around to it, the stains can be difficult to remove and time-consuming. That’s why this Gladwell Gecko window cleaning robot is one handy cleaning tool to have around your home.

It’s especially useful if you live in a house or apartment with tall windows that are difficult to reach. Once plugged in, your robot window cleaner will use its smart suction technology to attach itself to your window. Thanks to its AI-powered design, you can control it from the palm of your hand. Set up the Gecko full access app so you can tailor its control to suit your windows.

Shop the window cleaning robot here for $555.19.