How To Use Android Apps on Windows 11 in Australia

How To Use Android Apps on Windows 11 in Australia
The Windows 11 logo and the Android logo. Image compiled by Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

One of the most interesting things about Windows 11 is its Android application integration. Although you might be wondering Why would I want to use an Android app on a Windows computer?, there are some pretty genuine uses for this, such as gaming and Android-specific productivity applications.

I do have some bad news for Australian Windows 11 and Android fans, however. Although Windows 11 has recently opened up a public beta for native Android apps on Windows 11, we don’t have access to this public beta in Australia just yet. Darn it.

How to use Android apps on Windows 11

You might be wondering, How do I use Android apps on Windows 11 in Australia? What hoops will Microsoft make me jump through to get this to work? Well, here’s our handy little guide.

How to access Android apps through Bluestacks

It might be news to you, but Australians (and anyone, frankly) have been able to use Android apps on Windows 11 for a long, long time.

While there are plenty of great Android emulators out there, Bluestacks is one of the easier-to-use ones.

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Screenshot: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

First, you’ll need to install the application, which you can do through the website.

Once it has been downloaded, open the file (which is wherever you downloaded it to, like your downloads folder) and run through the setup.

Once it installs, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account. Go ahead and sign in and get ready to install Android apps, like you would on an Android phone. Installing and deleting works in all of the same ways, except you’ll be using a keyboard and mouse.

Bluestacks is an emulator, meaning you can quite easily treat it like a phone operating system functioning on a Windows PC. Just be aware that functionality could be limited, depending on the inputs of your selected application. Here are some curated games from the Bluestacks team that work fine.

How to access the Amazon Appstore preview on Windows 11

Right now, as the Amazon Appstore is currently in beta for U.S. customers, Australians won’t be able to access the Amazon Appstore preview unless they have a U.S. Windows account. You can change the region of your Windows account at any time, but just be aware that this could cause problems for you, especially if you want to use features you’ve downloaded or purchased while another region was selected.

Android apps via the Windows 11 Amazon Appstore will likely be available for Australians sometime in the future, but for now, it’s only officially available for U.S. users.

Once Android apps are available to Australian Windows 11 users, all you’ll need to do is find the Amazon Appstore on the Windows Store (Windows 11’s inbuilt app store) and download it. For U.S. users, this has involved needing to enable virtualisation and a couple of PC restarts. Virtualisation can be enabled by searching for “Turn Windows features on or off” in the Start Menu and checking the “Virtual Machine Platform” box.

Also, yes, native Android support on Windows 11 is currently limited to Amazon Appstore apps. No native Google Play Store support just yet. 

We’re keen to see Android apps working on Windows 11 natively in the future, but for now, us Aussies don’t have official access to the beta.

Windows 11 Android apps: Something to keep in mind

Just keep in mind that some apps might not have terrific support on Windows 11, however they’ll be useable. That being said, Microsoft is set to keep adding apps, so support should improve.

Also, consider that if you don’t have Windows 11 in the first place and want to upgrade, you’ll need to jump through some additional hoops if your computer is ineligible.