Some of You Can Now Get Bánh Mì Delivered by Drone, if the Ravens Allow It

Some of You Can Now Get Bánh Mì Delivered by Drone, if the Ravens Allow It
Image: Roll'd/Wing

Those of us lucky to be living in Brisbane or Canberra (hear me out) can now have Vietnamese rice paper rolls delivered by drone, thanks to a partnership between Wing and Roll’d.

According to Roll’d, drone delivery is the future of food delivery, bringing with it the promise to replace 2.3 billion Australian vehicle kms each year by 2030.

Roll’d hasn’t listed what areas in Queensland or the ACT can get their Bánh Mì delivered by drone, but to check, simply head to the Wing mobile app, and if your area is covered, and you place an order, Roll’d says your delivery will arrive within minutes.

Roll'd Wing
Image: Roll’d/Wing

Drone delivery in Queensland or the ACT isn’t new.

Wing last year proved to be pretty popular in the Queensland city of Logan, making almost 4,500 deliveries in a single week. But that was just the start for the Alphabet-owned company, announcing in September it was expanding the remit of its Wing fleet and building them a new home at a shopping centre in the state’s southeast. Roll’d has now added to the growing list of vendors adopting Wing’s delivery service.

Alphabet, also known as the parent company behind Google, launched Wing in just two Logan suburbs in 2019. That’s quickly ballooned in the past two years thanks to lockdowns and more people working from home. Wing has gone as far as calling Logan the drone delivery capital of the world.

Wing has grown massively since its launch in Australia but it’s still not available everywhere. In fact, Wing is only operating in three countries right now — Australia, Finland and the United States. And in Australia, only those living in Logan or Canberra can use the service. But not everyone is happy about. Mostly birds.

Reports of Wing’s delivery drones being mercilessly attacked by ravens caused the company to cease operations in parts of Canberra last year. It’s not known if Roll’d or Wing are working with birds in Queensland and Canberra to ensure both drones and ravens can live harmoniously. If they haven’t, we all know who will walk (or fly, pardon) away with the Bánh Mì.