We Present: A History of Morbius Delays

We Present: A History of Morbius Delays
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Five years after it was initially announced, and several release date delays since, we only have a comparatively short wait now until Morbius finally hits cinemas.

The film has been delayed six times in total, so hopefully, all of those delays will make for one fine blood-sucking vampire flick. Here’s Morbius‘ release date and a quick history of all of Morbius’ delays.

Morbius release date

Morbius is now expected to release in Australia on 31 March (4/20 day in the U.S.) after being delayed in January 2022. It’s difficult to think of what a further delay could do for this film, but hey, this is what’s going on.

Past Morbius delays

It has become something of a joke how much Morbius has been delayed. Six times in total, that’s insane! Well, we present a brief history on Morbius’ delays.

Delay one (and delay 1.5)

Morbius was initially slated for a July 31, 2020 release, but obviously the COVID-19 pandemic kicked into overdrive and it was delayed internationally. Funnily enough, Morbius was initially slated for a July 10 release, but the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie took that slot, before being delayed itself.

Delay two

Morbius’ release date was moved from July 2020 all the way to March 19, 2021. Of course, as we know now, the pandemic was still well and truly sinking in at that time, so the vampire of Spider-Man fame did not see the light of day.

Delay three

COVID-19 continued to go wild all over the world, causing the film to be delayed yet again to October 8, 2021, down to the other end of the year.

Delay four

Give it up for delay four! Again, due to the pandemic, Morbius was pushed back once again, to January 28, 2022. This film has now been delayed almost two years.

Delay five (or delay six, depending on your count)

Finally, that brings us to our fifth (sixth?) and hopefully final delay. This delay plants Morbius on 31 March, hopefully being the final delay of the much prolonged vampire film. With vaccines rolling out internationally and booster shots starting to come in, we might finally be able to see the vampiric villain on silver screen.

Morbius cast

Jared Leto will play the titular Dr. Michael Morbius, with Jared Harris as Emil Nikols, Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft, Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud and Matt Smith as Loxias Crown. Very excited to see one of the actors who played Doctor Who as a villain. Michael Keaton will also be appearing in an unnamed role. But then there’s also this, so thanks Morbius director.

Honestly, it’s also worth checking out what happened last time someone tried to adapt Morbius.

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