Everywhere You Can Still Order A PS5 In Australia

Everywhere You Can Still Order A PS5 In Australia
Image: Sony
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It’s safe to say that the PlayStation 5 pre-order process wasn’t the smoothest back in September. Both customers and retailers were caught off guard and in a matter of hours, entire shipments of the console were sold out. Those without pre-orders have been waiting patiently to see when more allocations will be made available.

The good news is that more pre-orders for the PS5 have started happening. Here’s where you can (or can’t) get one.

If you’re looking to keep up with PS5 stock updates, check out this handy website which combines the PS5 web pages for all local retailers in Australia.

And if you’re looking for something to play on your brand new console, here’s our guide for the best five PS5 games.

Update 14/1: Updated with new information on Amazon stock

Amazon Australia

Update 14/1: Amazon Australia currently has stock of the PS5 disc console  It goes without saying this stock won’t be around for long, so get in quick. Keep an eye out for the PS5 digital version, because that usually restocks afterwards.

Customers can sign up for email alerts to be reminded when both the disc and digital versions of the PS5 are available.

JB Hi-Fi

Electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi has intermittently started taking PS5 pre-orders again. These haven’t been publicly advertised but people have reported being able to go to their local store in person to place a pre-order, although in very limited quantities.

Stores we spoke to said this was on a first-come-first-serve basis and customers can put their name on a list for a pre-order by paying the full deposit in store. However, staff couldn’t confirm when the stock would be arriving or how many units they would be getting. If you’re looking at this option it’s probably a good idea to call your local store first to make sure they’re still taking pre-orders, before heading in-store.

Online pre-orders aren’t currently live but you can keep checking this page on JB’s website for updates.

EB Games

EB Games sold out their initial shipment very quickly but those in second and third waves have slowly been securing their consoles.

(Update 3/3) While EB Games has said they are getting more consoles in, these are all immediately being allocated to those who pre-ordered online in previous shipments. Estimates for more stock drops at EB Games vary with some stores indicating maybe later in March and others saying don’t try again until July.

Other EB stores have said they are getting limited consoles in-store today (3/3) but it varies for each individual store. Many of these are still reserved for customers who have pre-ordered, but it’s worth giving your local EB a (respectful) call to see what their situation is.

You can keep an eye on EB Games’ website for more information on new stock.

Big W

Update 18/2 10:00 am: Big W is currently one of the only retailers with stock of the PS5 at the moment. Get in quick on its website because this won’t last long!

Update 18/2 10:30 am: Big W PS5 stock seems to be done for the day. But keep an eye on our page and PS5 stock for updates!


Target Australia has been getting stock sporadically since the PS5 released. Keep a close eye on their PS5 and PS5 digital console pages to see if one is available.

Update 8/2 11:10 am: Target had more stock of the PS5 on their website for click and collect today. Both sold out in under 10 minutes so you have to be quick. It’s worth keeping an eye on their pages today to see if more become available.

Sony Store

Sony’s online store is another viable seller of PS5 stock. Unfortunately, like all the other retailers, when PS5 stock does drop it doesn’t last long.

As of (3/3) the Sony Store is still sold out of PS5 pre-orders but did have stock available earlier this week. You can sign up for updates on Sony’s webpage and keep an eye on orders here.

The Gamesmen

Local Sydney store The Gamesmen have had sporadic shipments of PS5 stock. There’s no word on when their next drop will be but its worth paying attention to The Gamesmen website and their social media pages.

Harvey Norman

(Update 21/1) Harvey Norman had a new load of PS5 stock drop this morning. Of course, it’s all sold out now but you can keep an eye on Harvey Norman’s PS5 page  to see if more become available.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys had a bit of trouble when they oversold their pre-orders for PS5s. That being said the store does have another shipment inbound but they are currently prioritising those who had their pre-orders cancelled earlier.

If more stock does become available this is the place you can find it.


In a shock move, it seems you can now order a new gaming console on a plan. Aussie telco Vodafone is offering PS5 consoles for customers who have an existing NBN plan and an eligible voice plan with Vodafone. You can then add a PS5 plan onto your existing services with Vodafone. The price of the PS5 won’t change but you can pay it off in instalments over 12, 24 or 36 months.

You can try your luck at registering for a PS5 with Vodafone here.

The small silver lining is that if you’re after PS5 accessories plenty of the sites above have stock of these now. So you can prepare for when your console eventually arrives.

This article has been updated with additional information about PS5 stock drops.