Sydney Zoo’s Ashoka and Kavi Elephants Spotted Having a Little Cuddle

Sydney Zoo’s Ashoka and Kavi Elephants Spotted Having a Little Cuddle
Image: Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo elephants Ashoka and Kavi have been spotted hugging and it’s just so cute like seriously watch this video.

In an adorable display, the two brother elephants were spotted having a little cuddle, with the footage being released on national hugging day (January 21). Just two little guys having a little hug (note: these are not little guys and in fact weigh several tonnes each).

Naturally, we’d expect hugging to be an explicitly human and humanoid trait – our bodies simply allow for the motion much easier than our four-legged counterparts. However, as you can see in the video, it’s not something animals are totally incapable of. A simple YouTube search of “Dogs hugging” shows that the capability exists elsewhere too.

“Humans aren’t the only ones that hug. Elephants are a social species that thrive from the relationships they have with one another. Sleeping in close proximity is a natural display of affection and a way elephants bond with each other,” says Sydney Zoo elephant keeper Jo Maitland.

“Seeing animals share such a special bond is one the biggest privileges of being a zookeeper.”

Yes, the boys do play, swim and spar with each other when they’re not sleeping. Just two dudes being dudes. Eventually, the two will make a contribution to the Asian Elephant breeding program in Australasia. Asian Elephants are considered an endangered species, with fewer than 50,000 left in the world, so we need to protect these brothers at all costs.

For now though, they’re just two round bois that like goofing off.

You can visit these two elephants at Sydney Zoo, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to hug them. Though they’re good cuddlers, they might crush you. Sorry.