Yes, Discord Was Down. Did You Touch Some Grass?

Yes, Discord Was Down. Did You Touch Some Grass?
Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

It wasn’t your internet, Discord was actually down for a little while this morning, giving gamers an opportunity to touch some grass (this was, at least, the hope of Discord).

The situation is almost fully resolved, with Discord “almost back to normal”, according to the developers.

If you can’t read the tweets, Discord wrote: “Hey @ everyone connection should be fully restored now! Hope you touched a little grass while we were out. Thx for the patience.”

For those who don’t know, “touch some grass” is a common phrase used in gaming to tell someone to go outside and stop playing so many games. If you’re playing games for dozens of hours at a time, you’d probably have this said to you.

Of course, this was met with much finger-pointing to Discord with avid gamers going “I understood that reference!”

Over on the website (Discord’s website dedicated to outages like this), Discord is reporting that rate limits have been fully removed and that the website is almost back to normal.

“Over the next hour, some Discord servers may continue to see some issues interacting with bots using slash commands. As part of resolving the incident, we needed to reduce load on our databases and we turned down some parts of our slash command system,” the website reads.

“We are going to complete our internal postmortem process to really dig in and understand exactly what happened here, but we really apologise for the inconvenience if you were unable to login today or had other issues.”

Discord doesn’t go down often. The last major outage for Discord was back in November, when it and a bunch of other web services like Spotify and Snapchat all had an outage, although this was suspected to be a Google Cloud issue.

Aussies might not have been hit too hard by the Discord outage, but whenever something like this happens, gamers take to Twitter for a good old fashion shitpost.


Discord is suspected to be fully functional soon, with most users able to hop on now.

Love your work Discord, even if you do tell me to touch grass while you’re down. never change.