Tesla Cybertruck Walkaround Video Gives Us an Updated Look at This Fridge-on-wheels

Tesla Cybertruck Walkaround Video Gives Us an Updated Look at This Fridge-on-wheels
Image: Tesla

This morning we were blessed with a video from a kind internet friend filming their meeting with what we believe is the most recent prototype of the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck.

The vid shows us those stupidly large windscreen wipers that Elon Musk claims are not the production ones, gives us a look at the updates to the door’s handles and its ridiculous ute-like storage, but the standout is the commentary: “Man, tell Elon he doing too much”.

Compared to the lone Cybertruck prototype we had been seeing for the past couple of years, this new test truck (which we got a glimpse of back in December) has a few notable differences, in addition to that massive lone wiper. There’s the mirrors, for one, which every car legally requires, OK Elon?. The front end has some pretty significant changes to the lighting setup, too.

Uploaded by Cybertruck Owners Club (lol), the latest video has no audio, but from subtitles we learn a fair bit. Mostly, that the whole thing still looks like a fridge.

“The front is nice, everything else, it looks like you could, you know, put your produce in it. It looks like a stainless steel refrigerator,” the subtitles say.

On the windshield wipers, or, “that’s a big ****” as our commentator says, are ridiculously big yet still not covering the entire front window. Somehow.

Tesla back in September delayed production of the Cybertruck until 2023, a whopping four years after the electric pickup truck was first unveiled. It was only two weeks ago that the Musk company removed any mention of the year 2022 from the Cybertruck website.

So what we see in the vid is still just a concept.

On the doors, the video’s subtitles suggest there’s kind of no easy way to get inside the Cybertruck – there’s likely a combo of sensors/app commands to access the cab. If you want to see for yourself, here it is:


The whole thing seems packed with tech, and a lot of it connected to/controlled by the Tesla app. We also get a closer look at the obnoxious amount of storage in this thing. As you can see in the vid, there looks like there’s a button to let the tailgate down, which also lowers the entire vehicle so you can drive a bike/quad bike up into it. The Cybertruck is ridiculous and I hate that this video just makes me more keen to take it for a drive.