Wordle: It’s Like Mastermind but for Words

Wordle: It’s Like Mastermind but for Words
Image: FOX

I have to admit I’m a little late to the Wordle party. I started seeing green and yellow squares on tweets yesterday from the occasional person I follow. But today, there’s lots. And one of them is now me.

Confused what the heck these green and yellow squares are about? Learn with me, friends.

Head to: https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/

You’ll be presented with something like this:

Screenshot: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

As the screenshot explains, after each guess, the colour of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

But this actually didn’t help because I took this to mean the word started with W, it had an L in it (just not in that spot) and that the U wasn’t in it at all. So I started guessing five-letter words that start with W and have an L, just not in the third position.

This isn’t how you play, so don’t make my mistake – you just start guessing five-letter words. If a letter is in the right spot, it turns green. If a letter is in the word, just the wrong position, it turns yellow. If the letter isn’t in the word at all, it will be greyed out. You have six chances to guess this random five-letter word.

Essentially, the game is Mastermind but for words.

I have now completed one game and I want more. Great, I’m now addicted after one hit to a new game. An hour ago I was so confused why people were going crazy for it, but now I see and I’m counting down eight hours until I can play again.