Updates From Black Adam, Thor: Love and Thunder, and More

Updates From Black Adam, Thor: Love and Thunder, and More
Ouch, Adam. (Screenshot: Warner Bros.)

Jason Momoa shares an update on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Thora Birch has exited Netflix’s Wednesday Addams show. Plus, a new look at the next Hotel Transylvania, and AMC sinks its teeth into a new vampire adventure. Spoilers now!

Thor: Love and Thunder

Michael Giacchino revealed he’s been hired to score Thor: Love & Thunder on Twitter.

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdon

Jason Momoa has wrapped filming on Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.

Black Adam

Total Film has three new behind-the-scenes images from Black Adam.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

The delayed fourth instalment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise premieres January 14 on Prime Video.

The King’s Daughter

Pierce Brosnan kidnaps a mermaid played by Fan Bingbing to ritualistically absorb her lifeforce in the trailer for The King’s Daughter, co-starring Kaya Scodelario, Pablo Schrieber, Benjamin Walker, Rachel Griffiths, and William Hurt, and narrated by Julie Andrews.



Elsewhere, a kindly town doctor is secretly a child-eating monster in the trailer for Ogre.


Deadline reports Thora Birch has “returned to the States to attend to a personal matter” and will no longer co-star on the Wednesday Addams TV series as “normie” dorm mother Tamara Novak. The outlet adds “Birch had finished filming the bulk of her series regular role” but will “not be recast” as the producers are currently “looking to add a new character to the show’s first season. It is unclear whether that character will take over for Tamara and help close out her planned storyline with both of them co-existing on the show or whether the new character will replace Tamara and Birch’s scenes will be reshot.”

Star Trek: Discovery

Mary Wiseman has confirmed to /Film her character, Lt. Tilly, will return to Discovery later on in season four, following the events of this week’s episode.

What I’ve been told I can say is that you will see Tilly later in the season. They have a sniper on me right now.

Resident Alien

Spoiler TV reports Resident Alien returns for its second season January 26 on Syfy.


Finally, AMC also has a trailer for its new Australian vampire hunter series, Firebite.


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