Summer Camp Island Season 5 Is Arriving Just in Time for the Holidays

Summer Camp Island Season 5 Is Arriving Just in Time for the Holidays
Susie losing her breakfast mid-flight while the other children enjoy their ride through the sky. (Image: HBO Max)

If HBO Max’s Summer Camp Island were a person, it’d be the sort that understood how, as generally unpleasant as the winter months can be, they become much more enjoyable when you look at them as the precursors to spring, when the world will blossom open and the outdoors become wonderful again. Wintery as it may be in the Northern hemisphere right this moment, Summer Camp Island’s got its eye set on the future and its upcoming fifth season, which HBO Max announced today.

Though it’s only been a few months since Summer Camp Island’s previous season wrapped on the streaming platform, five all-new episodes further exploring the lives of the island’s magical campers are set to debut this December. We got a sneak preview this morning with special title cards.

Summer Camp Island’s expanded cast of characters, like Barb Goldberg the elf and the island’s monsters, will return. Plus, series regulars like witches Susie and Betsy will get their characters expanded on in episodes that will reveal more about their personal lives. Short as Summer Camp Island’s seasons tend to be, there’s plenty of time to catch up on the series (or give it a start if you’re a newcomer), ahead of the season five premiere on December 9.

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Summer Camp Island’s fifth season hits HBO Max on December 9.

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