Nissan Is Playing With My Emotions With These Campervan Concepts

Nissan Is Playing With My Emotions With These Campervan Concepts

I love a good campervan. A well thought out van can be packed with creative space-saving features and the essentials for any off-grid adventure, all wrapped up in a sleek exterior. And now, Nissan has two new concepts that fit this brief down to a T.

Following the divisive office van concept it premiered at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon show, Nissan will return to the event in 2022 with two new concepts. Next year, the firm will bring two campervan creations to the auto show, each based off its NV350 Caravan van.

Inside the Mountain Base camper concept there’s a digital fire. (Illustration: Nissan)

The two camper concepts are very different, each seemingly drawing inspiration from opposing ends of the campervan spectrum.

First up, the Mountain Base concept packs in all the luxury trimmings you’d expect to find in a modern, futuristic hotel.

Inside, it’s all wood-paneling and shiny trimmings. The van packs in a slim work station, digital fireplace and a bench seat. There’s also a honeycomb-style cladding throughout the interior.

Outside the van that chic styling continues.

For the exterior, Nissan gave the van a great wood-paneled effect and decided to pair this with a mat black paint scheme. Additionally, the van comes equipped with a roof-mounted foldout solar panel, as well as more solar panels along the side.

I like this van, a lot. (Illustration: Nissan)

But, if you don’t want to fill your camper with bling, then Nissan has another concept that might fit your needs better.

The Myroom would definitely be my pick of these two vans. It’s filled with minimalist design touches, neutral colours and everything you’d need for a weekend at the beach.

How I want both my house and campervan to look. (Illustration: Nissan)

For this concept, Nissan fitted the van with a couch, sleeping area, and bookshelves and cupboards. That bed is fold out, according to Nissan, so can be stored away to free up space in the back for surfboards or bikes.

The van’s seaside aesthetic is all topped off with neutral colours and wood finishes. These colours are also matched on the outside of the van.

The Myroom van truly is the Scandi-style camper of my dreams, and I hope it one day finds its way into production.