LinkedIn Security Chief Calls Out Entry-level Job Ads Demanding Lots of Experience

LinkedIn Security Chief Calls Out Entry-level Job Ads Demanding Lots of Experience
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We’ve all been there. Found our dream job posted online somewhere but then being severely let down when the junior or entry-level position requires 10-plus years of experience. Well, turns out LinkedIn’s security boss is also mad at job ads with unrealistic requirements.

In a post on his own page, LinkedIn chief information security officer Geoff Belknap last week posted a screenshot of a job ad for an Information Security Engineer.

“Dearest Colleagues: Please stop doing this. There are many people trying to break in to our field. This is not only misleading and unrealistic, but also demoralizing for early career candidates,” he wrote.

Basically, the ad asked for over 10 years of experience in a security role. The ad was an entry-level position. Ridiculous, yes, but a reality for many people seeking employment in an industry that is shrouded in rhetoric of a ‘skills shortage’.

From what we can see of the job ad, the company was seeking applicants that have a BA or BS in computer science, management, information systems or related fields. They were also required to have a thorough understanding of network defence tech, experience in TCP/IP and network testing know-how.

Responses were unsurprisingly in agreeance with Belknap. Job ads like this are ridiculous.

“What an utterly ridiculous advertisement,” said one comment from someone with ‘chief scientist’ as their title.

There’s been a number of memes commenting on the stupidity of requirements for entry-level/grad jobs, but this tweet from 2015 still sums it up the best:

Hopefully employers in the tech industry (and others, of course) listen to Belknap’s advice and we no longer need to have been coding in the womb to qualify for a job.