Japan’s Biggest YouTuber Bought the $14,275 Gucci Xbox

Japan’s Biggest YouTuber Bought the $14,275 Gucci Xbox
Gucci, Gucci, Goo. (Screenshot: HIkakin TV/YouTube)

With over 10 million subscribers, Hikakin is Japan’s biggest YouTuber. I’m not sure which is more amazing — that he bought the Gucci Xbox or an Xbox.

Japan has long been a tough market for Microsoft, but recently this has been changing. And now, Japan’s biggest YouTuber has purchased the super limited, super expensive Gucci collab Xbox Series X.

“I love Gucci,” said Hikakin, decked out in a Doraemon Gucci shirt, in the unboxing video’s intro. According to the famed YouTuber, he had also wanted an Xbox, and so, he explained that he shelled out for the console, saying, “I bought the Gucci collab Xbox that recently made waves on social media!” (The video and its YouTube description do not include a disclaimer that this was a paid promotion.)

In the unboxing video, the YouTuber showed off the enormous cardboard box the console arrived in. Hikakin, who made his name on YouTube beatboxing the Super Mario theme, donned white gloves to open the “Xbox” and “Good Game” branded Gucci trunk and remove his console.

While the front and sizes of the Gucci Xbox Series X featured the GG monogram, the back does not. The HDMI cable and the plug are also not branded by the Italian fashion house. (Screenshot: Hikakin TV/YouTube)

Hikakin’s Gucci Xbox is number 41 out of 100. “I wonder who has the other 99,” he said. I do, too.

Inside the monogram trunk, the console and all its bits and bobs, including the plugs and the controllers, were wrapped in expensive paper. Said Hikakin, “I wonder if I can put all this back.” Whatever could this mean? Ah, yes, foreshadowing…

While Hikakin said he had wanted an Xbox, here is his comparison of the Gucci Xbox Series X with the standard model. Maybe he got a regular one, too? (Screenshot: Hikakin TV/YouTube)

“The Xbox is good, huh,” said Hikakin while he played through Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

But while handling removing the console from the trunk, he seemed nervous. He mentioned his concern about using the new machine, saying he didn’t want to break it. He was also worried that the left thumbstick could ruin the controller’s signature Gucci stripe pattern. For him, it didn’t seem like this limited edition console was something to actually play, but rarer, a pricey gaming rarity to admire.

“I’ll treasure this,” said the YouTuber. “I’m going to put it [the Xbox] in the trunk to store because I want to display it in the living room.”

Maybe he'll display it next to his Supreme trunks? (Screenshot: Hikakin TV/YouTube)