Yes, You Can Recycle Your Old Mattress, and This Aussie Company Will Even Pick It Up

Yes, You Can Recycle Your Old Mattress, and This Aussie Company Will Even Pick It Up
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In case you needed someone to tell you, throwing your old mattress into a waterway, dumping it in the bush or leaving it on the street is trashy. It’s actually a pretty big issue, with mattresses believed to be the most illegally dumped item in Australia. But what do you do with an item that big? Enter Ecosa.

Ecosa is a mattress and bedding company that’s 100 per cent Australian-owned, kinda like Koala. Selling its own brand of mattresses, Ecosa is running a mattress recycling initiative, including pickups.

“The disposal of these items is a major problem for the Australian environment, particularly bulky products such as mattresses which can’t easily be transported by consumers,” says Eden Benito, the spokesperson of Ecosa.

“Currently there are only a limited number of ways for a household to ‘responsibly’ discard these larger items and most of these result in them ending up in the landfill.

“Even when disposed of correctly, mattresses are operationally problematic for the waste stream as their gas emissions can be extremely hazardous during landfill fires.”

So, how does Ecosa help? Well, the company wants your old mattress.

Ecosa is set on coming to collect your old and used mattress through a booking, kind of like booking a council cleanup, except Ecosa intends on recycling the mattress and its material.

Mattresses can be recycled quite widely. The steel springs, foam, husk, timber and fabric can all be repurposed provided it is in good enough condition. Ecosa’s solution is “brand agnostic”, meaning they’ll pick up any mattress.

All you need to do is book a pickup of your mattress or your used sheets and linen. You can do this through the Ecosa mattress recycling website. You’ll need to enter your address and pay a fee for the mattress or sheet collection ($80 for mattresses, $30 for sheets), however this shipping cost is covered by an Ecosa voucher.

“We will also offer a $80 voucher for every mattress and a $30 voucher for every carton of sheets that are sent to our recycling facility to offset the postage cost in shipping the unwanted bedding to us,” Benito added.

While the sheets recycling service can be accessed anywhere in Australia, the mattress recycling service needs to be checked, as it is mostly rolled out in metro areas.

How else can I recycle my mattress?

Ecosa’s mattress recycling initiative isn’t the only way to recycle your old mattress. You can book a mattress collection through Soft Landing, provided you live in a serviceable location, or you can use Planet Ark to find a place that will recycle your old mattress.

Alternatively, you can visit Recycle My Mattress and choose between a pickup or a drop-off.