You Can Save Over $1,000 On MSI’s High-End Gaming Laptops

You Can Save Over $1,000 On MSI’s High-End Gaming Laptops
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While you can’t really go past a good desktop rig, some people prefer their gaming PC to be a bit more mobile. Over the past decade, more and more brands have started designing laptops that are purpose-built for gaming, combining performance with portability.

Some of the more high-end gaming laptops come with a considerable price tag,  so being able to pick up one while it’s on sale is always welcome. If you’re looking to take your gaming on the road, or your current laptop is starting to show its age, there’s currently a stack of MSI laptops on sale.

Both MSI’s Stealth and Raider range are fairly reliable gaming laptops, with most of the models on sale running on an Intel i7-9750H processor and a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, with a 1TB SSD.

These deals include the Titan laptop range, which certainly lives up to its colossal name in both size and power. The Titans aren’t exactly the most portable laptop around, but if your home set-up is tight for space, the series makes for a good alternative to a full desktop setup.

Here’s everything that’s currently on sale.

What MSI gaming laptops deals are available?

msi laptop gaming deals
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MSI Stealth sales

MSI Raider sales

MSI Titan sales