Belong Is Offering a Whopping 960GB Bonus Data on Phone Plans This Christmas

Belong Is Offering a Whopping 960GB Bonus Data on Phone Plans This Christmas
Image: Belong

Ready for a Christmas treat? For a limited time, Belong is offering bonus data on all three of its plans over the Christmas period, available until January 13, 2022.

The deals include up to 960GB bonus data over the course of 12 months, meaning you’ll rarely have to worry about phone data on the go for a whole year. It’s Belong’s way of ushering in the festive season and we’re all here for it.

Here’s how Belong’s Christmas deal applies on all three plans:

  • $25 monthly plan with 20GB of data + 20GB bonus data for 12 months = 480GB total data
  • $35 monthly plan with 40GB of data + 40GB bonus data for 12 months = 960GB total data
  • $45 monthly plan with 80GB of data + 80GB bonus data for 12 months = 1,920GB total data

This data is all for use in Australia, of course, and the bonus data offer doesn’t apply after 12 months, meaning it’ll snap back to the standard monthly data offering on your selected plan. This deal is only available to new customers.

“We are increasingly reliant on our phones for connecting and communicating with our loved ones,” says Jana Kotako, the chief executive officer of Belong.

“Belong is making this connection a little bit easier this festive season with our double data offer, allowing families across Australia to share virtual memories for a fraction of the cost.”

So on top of those pretty big Christmas deals (seriously, they’re so big that you’d be hard-pressed blowing through them, even if you love Netflix streaming on the go), Belong offers unlimited data banking (perfect for if you want to rack up all this data) and no lock-in contracts.

As a subsidiary of Telstra, Belong also operates on the Telstra network, although it doesn’t provide 5G access – just 4G and 3G. Whether or not that changes in the future, we’ll have to wait and see.

If you miss out on Belong’s Christmas deal, don’t feel too left out. Belong is no stranger to a deal.