The Inspiration for This $500 Bang & Olufsen Speaker was Blood, Truly

The Inspiration for This $500 Bang & Olufsen Speaker was Blood, Truly
Image: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, together with CLOT, have released a speaker that will appeal to the vampire in us all. The CLOT x Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 draws inspiration from blood and I’m sorry but I need to find $500 immediately.

The luxury audio brand, which has products unfortunately also boasting luxury price tags, collaborated with fashion brand CLOT to create this new limited-edition Beosound A1 speaker.

CLOT, Bang & Olufsen says, is a “creative movement that injects life and character into the idea of bridging the East and West”.

“Sharing a passion for modern craftsmanship and premium materials, the two brands bring a new beat that celebrates the vitality of life, music and Chinese culture,” Bang & Olufsen says in a press release.

Aside from looking kick-ass, the companies say they’ve drawn creative inspiration for the speaker from the origin and meaning behind the name CLOT, which was inspired by Jamaican reggae music.

“CLOT founder and creative director, Edison Chen, was particularly drawn to the life force of blood for this creative concept,” Bang & Olufsen says.

“CLOT represents a movement that brings together brands, creativity and cultures. From these shared connections, a common culture arises as art, knowledge and music, evolving and radiating outwards like a pulsating heart.”

CLOT Bang Olufsen
Image: Bang & Olufsen

CLOT founder Edison Chen is also leaning into this whole heart thing, adding:

“The rhythm of a heartbeat is like music – it’s everyone’s beat, everyone’s being. Our heart pumps blood, and our blood runs our system. It’s like the making of music and the making of art, which is actually human nature.”

A missed opportunity to ask Slayer if they can use Raining Blood if you ask me.

The speaker itself has an aluminium grill surface that is tinted in a bright metallic red (to represent blood cells, ofc). The CLOT logo is printed onto the speaker grill but it also keeps with the essence of Bang & Olufsen’s design aesthetic.

It also has a black leather strap with a black ‘anthracite aluminium tag’ (anthracite is black coal) with the Bang & Olufsen logo laser etched on one side and CLOT’s logo on the other.

Fully dust resistant and waterproof, Beosound A1 will give you up to 18 hours of non-stop play. It also boasts “True360 omnidirectional sound” and allows for the connection of two devices. It also packs Bluetooth 5.1 and three internal microphones.

The CLOT x Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 is set to launch in limited quantities at Bang & Olufsen stores from December 10. It will set you back RRP $505.