Australia Post Delivered 21 Million ‘Cyber Weekend’ Packages

Australia Post Delivered 21 Million ‘Cyber Weekend’ Packages
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Australia Post has revealed just how many parcels it delivered from ‘Cyber Weekend’ sales. And even though the total number was ruined in the headline, it was pretty staggering – Aussies had over 21 million packages delivered over Black Friday/Cyber Monday (!!!).

According to Australia Post, extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales made November the biggest month in Australian online shopping history, surpassing last year’s record month.

It beat last year’s record by more than 13 per cent, and the figure also smashed the 2019 figure by 76 per cent.

On average, Australia Post said it delivered more than 2.3 million parcels every weekday across this longer sales period, with around 800,000 delivered over the Black Friday weekend itself. NSW had the most deliveries, accounting for over 36 per cent of all purchases during the sales.

Australia Post said it moved 15 per cent more air freight across the Cyber Weekend than last year, with 444 tonnes of parcels transported via 21 dedicated planes on the busiest day, Cyber Monday, which was also the biggest day for parcels entering the network with more than 2.8 million lodged.

While the postal service doesn’t have insight into what exactly we were buying, it said the top growing category when compared to November 2020 was pet products. It said we bought 21.8 per cent more stuff for our fury friends this year than we did last year.

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