The 5 Best SIM-Only Plans in Australia, According to Gizmodo Readers

The 5 Best SIM-Only Plans in Australia, According to Gizmodo Readers
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Choosing a new mobile plan can feel overwhelming at times. You’ve got so many providers to pick from, and that’s without even factoring in individual plans. There are genuinely over 100 options.

But if you’re looking for a simple starting point, it can pay to get an idea of what everyone else is buying. With that in mind, here are the five most popular SIM-only mobile plans according to you – Gizmodo Australia readers.

We calculate popularity based on what plans Gizmodo readers click on in stories we write about mobile plans and through the Gizmodo mobile plan comparison tool. Popularity data is based on the last seven days and is accurate as of December 20.

Kogan Mobile Medium 365 Day Flex Plan

Kogan Mobile takes first place thanks to its deep discounts on 365-day expiry plans. Instead of paying $299, you can score 200GB for $175. That’s equivalent to paying $14.60 per month for a little over 16GB. The main catch is that you need to pay for the year upfront.

Kogan is powered by the Vodafone 4G network.

Belong 20GB Mobile Plan

Telstra’s budget brand takes second place thanks to a double data promo. Instead of getting 20GB, $25 will get you 40GB per month for the entirety of your first year.

Belong is powered by the Telstra network.

Boost $30 prepaid

Boost is up next with its $30 prepaid recharge. Your money gets you 45GB on your first three 28-day recharges, which will then drop down to 20GB thereafter. If you sign-up before December 29, you can also get your first recharge for just $10.

Boost is powered by the Telstra network, and is the one smaller provider to have access to every Telstra tower. Other smaller providers miss out on coverage in some regional and rural areas.

Kogan Mobile Extra Large 365 Day Flex Plan

Kogan pops up again with its Extra Large 365-day prepaid recharge, getting you 500GB of data for $300. That works out to be equivalent to a little over 41GB for $25 per month. Once again, you do need to pay the entire $300 upfront.

Belong 40GB Mobile Plan

Lastly, we’ve got Diet Telstra in fifth. Belong’s $35 SIM-only plan is also part of the double data promo, meaning you’ll get 80GB per month for your first year with the telco. This will drop down to 40GB per month thereafter.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.