These $999 Wooden Headphones Look Like They’re Straight Out of Geppetto’s Workshop

These $999 Wooden Headphones Look Like They’re Straight Out of Geppetto’s Workshop
Image: Disney

Grado Labs over the weekend introduced its new Reference Series headphones, which are made out of wood. We’re not sure how they sound, but these wooden headphones look like they’re straight out of Geppetto’s Workshop.

The Reference Series headphones, and Grado Labs for that matter, have no association with The Adventures of Pinocchio, but with all the elaborate wooden toys and gadgets filling Geppetto’s Workshop, we can’t help but draw the comparison with these headphones.

Grado Labs has brought its fourth generation X Drivers to the RS1x and RS2x wooden headphone series. The RS2x combines maple and hemp wood, while the RS1x combines maple, cocobolo and hemp wood.

Wooden headphones grado labs
RS1x (Image: Grado Labs)

The RS1x combines a 50mm driver with three species of wood (housing is made of a maple sleeve, hemp core and cocobolo outer ring). Grado says it builds with wood for its “warm and embracing tonal abilities”.

Wooden headphones grado labs
RS2x (Image: Grado Labs)

Their little brother, the RS2x, focuses on maple and hemp wood, with a 44mm driver.

“This is the first time X Drivers are built into wooden housings and needed to be finely tuned for their specific environments. This combination brings out harmonic colours, a rich vocality, and the mid-range Grado is known for,” the company, based out of Brooklyn, says.

The Grado X Driver Reference Series will be available from late November via BusiSoft AV and its authorised dealers. The RS2x will set you back RRP $749, while the RS1x can be yours for RRP $999.

Grado Labs makes a number of headphones, but the Reference Series is its first foray into wooden casing. Apparently they sound pretty boss, even if the wooden headphones look like something a Disney character conjured up.