NBN Wants to Teach Your Nan How to Avoid Scammers

NBN Wants to Teach Your Nan How to Avoid Scammers
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The company responsible for rolling out the NBN is planning on helping around 10,000 older Australians get ‘ScamFit’, basically, a sort-of training program to keep them from falling for a scam.

In an announcement on Monday, NBN said the ScamFit program would provide 10,000 older Aussies with skills and education to “fight-back” against scammers.

While the Australian government works on blocking scams, the NBN reckons it can teach practical tips and techniques on how to avoid falling victim to scams, as well as raise awareness about the steps to take if they suspect they’ve been contacted by a scammer. The ScamFit program will include ‘workouts’ (workshops) and a guide (brochures). The company will also run face-to-face ScamFit community sessions and raise awareness via a social media education campaign.

People over the age of 65 are often the most vulnerable to remote access scams, NBN said, and in 2021, the highest number of reports and losses from NBN-impersonation scams came from this age group.

Losses to NBN impersonation scams are primarily due to remote access scams (where a scammer will call and request access to a victim’s devices in order to transfer money, often without their knowledge).

“People often underestimate older Australians, especially when it comes to technology. But given the right skills and training there’s no reason older Australians can’t arm ourselves against scammers – and maybe even help teach younger Aussies a thing or two about getting ScamFit.” Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association spokesperson Nan Bosler said.

There was over $1.4 million lost to NBN scams in the 2020-21 financial year, from 6,458 reports.

NBN also posted a PSA to remind everyone that it will never call and ask to access your computer or advise that you’re going to be disconnected. It also does not make automated calls, such as robocalls, to advise of disconnections toNBN or existing copper phone line services. Do not engage with these calls.

NBN is a wholesaler, which means it does not sell phone or internet services directly to the public.

ScamFit kicks off this week.