Leaked Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Shows Off a Second Screen With a Stylus

Leaked Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Shows Off a Second Screen With a Stylus
Photo: Joanna Nelius

As companies continue experimenting with dual-screen laptops, a new leak suggests Lenovo has some interesting ideas planned for its upcoming 17-inch ThinkBook Plus.

While the history of dual-screen laptops dates back more than a decade, based on a new leaked image posted by @Evleaks on Twitter, it appears Lenovo has come up with a new twist on the dual-screen laptop formula. That’s because while the leaked image of Lenovo’s 17-inch ThinkBook Plus shares a number of similarities with older versions of the Razer Blade 17 from the early 2010s (which used a small display as a trackpad), the sheer size of the ThinkBook Plus’ bonus display and what looks like native stylus support means you’ll probably be using the second screen in very different ways.

Positioned to the right of the keyboard and with a stylus resting on top, it appears the upcoming Lenovo ThinkBook Plus’s second screen is intended to be used more like a built-in Wacom tablet for drawing and sketching, with the screen looking to measure between seven and nine inches diagonally. Furthermore, while it would probably be possible to use that second screen to control your mouse like on the old Razer Blade 17, Lenovo has included a dedicated trackpad, which should really free up that extra display’s duties for more creative purposes.

However, the one tantalising proposition is that it’s currently unclear if the ThinkBook Plus’s second screen can be removed from the laptop’s deck to become a standalone tablet, which again, is something Razer explored with its Project Linda concept from back in 2018. If so, that would make the ThinkBook Plus a rather unique workstation that can still travel light when the need arises.

Elsewhere, @Evleaks dropped some other pics showing off even more unannounced devices including another dual-screen laptop in the Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16, the ROG Flow Z13 (which appears to be a detachable 2-in-1 for gaming), another new foldable phone from Royale, and more.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of additional details about the leaked ThinkBook Plus or any of the other recently leaked gadgets, though I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these devices are being saved for more splashy announcements at CES 2022 in a couple of months.