Grab Your Benadryl, Batwoman’s New Poison Ivy Is Here

Grab Your Benadryl, Batwoman’s New Poison Ivy Is Here
Don't worry, it's more Poison Ivy-ish than this. (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)

If you’ve been watching Batwoman, you know things have gotten… thorny for Dr. Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang), Kate Kane’s stepsister, illegal Gotham City clinic operator, and O.G. member of the Batwoman support team. Poor Mary was infected by one of Poison Ivy’s vines and turned into, well, Poison Ivy. That’s a shame for her, but at least she looks fabulous.

Confused by the two Poison Ivies? No worries. As in the comics, Dr. Pamela Isley also became Poison Ivy in the Arrowverse, and gave Batman and Gotham City merry hell. This is why there were poisonous vines around to infect Mary in the third episode of season three, “Freeze,” even though Isley herself hasn’t shown up in the series yet. In the most recent episode, “How Does Your Garden Grow?”, Mary and the Bat-Team discover she’s been blacking out during the day and attacking people, as the vines have given her Ivy’s power over plants, red hair, and the supervillainous attitude on life. Also, somehow, Ivy’s fashion sense, as you can see:

Image: The CW Image: The CW

She looks great! The midriff arguably has too many strange straps, but the top and gloves are dynamite. Kang’s a big fan of it as well, telling Entertainment Weekly about the first time she put it on: “I was really emotional. I burst into tears. It has given me purpose and drive, and ultimately, I’m really proud of how Poison Ivy came out. What I’m most proud of is that it is rooted in history, both comic and fashion history. And it is culturally conscious. And then I am what’s inside of it, what’s filling it. And as a Korean girl, that’s when it all came together.”

While the original Poison Ivy hasn’t been active, only mentioned, she’s definitely on the way. Jane the Virgin’s Bridget Regan has been cast as Isley, who almost certainly isn’t going to be thrilled she has a copycat — particularly now that Poison Mary is working with another supervillain, Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Batwoman also stars Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder/Batwoman and Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox/Batwing. The third season is currently airing on the CW on Wednesdays.