Google’s Pixel Stand 2 Finally Gets Listed for Pre-Order

Google’s Pixel Stand 2 Finally Gets Listed for Pre-Order
Image: Google

While it wasn’t available when the Pixel 6 first went on sale last month, Google has finally added an official listing for the Pixel Stand 2 on the Google Store.

Starting at A$119, the Pixel Stand 2 costs the same as Google’s previous Pixel Stand while offering a couple of new features and faster wireless charging. When paired with a Pixel 6, the Pixel Stand 2 is designed to deliver the Pixel 6’s max wireless charging speed of 23 watts, while a new “silent” built-in fan helps ensure your phone doesn’t get too toasty while recharging.

Another nice thing about the Pixel Stand 2 is that it comes with a USB-C cable and an official 30-watt power adaptor. This is a handy inclusion for new Pixel 6 owners who might be looking for a faster power brick to pair with their phone, especially as Google didn’t include a power adaptor (only a USB-C cord) in the Pixel 6’s box.

But before you throw down money on a pre-order, people who are simply looking for a general-purpose wireless charger might want to look elsewhere. That’s because while the Pixel Stand 2 can hit wireless charging speeds of up to 23 watts when used with a Pixel 6, for other Qi wireless compatible devices, the Pixel Stand 2 tops out with 15-watt wireless charging.

Image: Google Image: Google

That means compared to similar 15-watt wireless chargers from companies like Anker and Belkin which can be had for well under A$55, you can basically buy two wireless chargers for the price of a single Pixel Stand 2. On top of that, if you have a lot of devices that support Qi wireless charging, the Pixel Stand 2 doesn’t have any add-ons or a larger model that allows it to support multi-device wireless charging either.

That said, for Pixel owners, the Pixel Stand 2 does have the ability to turn your phone into a mini smart home hub of sorts, thanks to a special UI that can show you the feed from your Nest security cams while also giving you easy access to other smart devices in your home; such as your thermostat or smart lights.

But if you really want a first-party wireless charger to pair with a Pixel 6, Google finally has an option for you. Pre-orders for the Pixel Stand 2 are live right now, with orders expected to ship out sometime in early to mid-December. Though if you’d prefer to wait for a review, stay tuned for more soon.