Every Other Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar’s Here

Every Other Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar’s Here
Image: Beast Kingdom, Bandai, and Hot Toys

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the latest toy news around. This week: Disney gets into the festive season with an antlered astromech, Iron Man goes Medieval Times on us, and your friend and mine, Jet Jaguar, is here to save the day. Check it out!

Image: Disney Image: Disney

Disney Star Wars Droid Factory Holiday Figure R5-D33R

To help ring in the holidays, every year Disney’s toy-making elves churn out another festively decorated Star Wars droid — and for 2021 it features a gold and red paint job, a set of removable antlers, and a suitable R5-D33R designation. “Optimised to function in the sub-zero environments of Hoth,” the astromech droid is probably better at navigating to the chimneys of homes where good boys and girls live, although ironically it might be a difficult holiday gift to track down as the $US13 (A$18) figure is already sold out on Disney’s online store.

Image: Bandai Image: Bandai

S.H. Figuarts Godzilla: Singular Point Monsterarts Jet Jaguar

One of the best things about Godzilla: Singular Point was its take on one of the best things about Godzilla in general, the wonderful robot hero Jet Jaguar. And now, one of the best things about the show’s merchandise is that Bandai is going all out for a Monsterarts version of Singular Point’s Jet Jaguar! Scaled to go with the line’s Ultima Godzilla based on the season one finale, Jet Jaguar comes with its Anguirus spear to wield into battle, and a detachable jet (jaguar) pack to pose it flying. Also included is a separate swappable antenna to attach to the head in flight mode, alternate hands, and a small unpainted figurine of Singular Point co-protagonist, Yun Arikawa. Jet Jaguar is set to release for around $US87 (A$117) in April 2022, but alas, the figure is limited to Premium Bandai in Japan, so you might have a hard time trying to secure it when Japanese preorders begin starting today. [Toyark]

Image: Beast Kingdom Image: Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom Marvel Comics Medieval Knight Iron Man

What if, in some alternate timeline, Tony Stark lived centuries ago in medieval times, and instead of high-tech missiles and bombs the Stark family made a fortune building catapults and trebuchets? That would help explain Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes ninth-scale Medieval Knight Iron Man figure. The 8-inch tall figure includes 19 points of articulation and will be available in two flavours: a regular edition for $US144 (A$194) that includes swappable hands, alternate face sculpts, a spear, sword, sheath, shield, shotguns, and LED-powered glowing chest effect; as well as a $US170 (A$230) deluxe edition that adds a very steampunk-looking jet pack accessory complete with smoke effects. Could arc reactors have existed in King Arthur’s time? One thing’s for certain, finding the Holy Grail would have really helped Stark’s chances with Thanos.

Image: Firebox Image: Firebox

Super Mario Bros. Build A Level Light

If you find the laundry list of options in the Super Mario Builder games too overwhelming, Firebox has a simpler way to build your own two-dimensional side-scrolling game levels: a collection of 16 double-sided stackable building blocks featuring basic level elements, characters, and Mario either standing or mid-jump. All the blocks also self-illuminate, making it easier to justify this $US55 (A$74) set as a functional desk lamp or a night light — although that latter option might be risky if you’re someone who constantly tosses and turns at night as it greatly increases the risks of your carefully assembled glowing level being toppled.

Image: Hot Toys Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Clone Wars Captain Vaughn and Clone Commando Jesse

Hot Toys continues to mine the last episode of The Clone Wars for all its worth — and that Temuera Morrison sculpt it did. The latest Star Wars 1:6 figures from the team cover Captain Vaughn and ARC trooper Jesse, two of the clones attached to Ahsoka’s division for the Siege of Mandalore… that, you know, then tried to kill her because of Order 66. Vaughn, painted in the Ahsoka-themed colours of the 332nd Company, comes with a blaster pistol, rifle, removable jet pack, and a holoprojector to attach two small holograms of Ahsoka and Rex to. Jesse, meanwhile, clad in the extra padded armour of a Commando, comes with his dual blaster pistols, a rifle, and his own holoprojector featuring attachable holograms of Darth Sidious and a Republic (now Imperial) Gunship. Unlike Vaughn, however, Jesse’s helmet is removable, to reveal the massive Republic symbol tattooed over most of his face. Both figures are due out in late 2022. [Hot Toys]

Arcade1Up Terminator 2 Arcade Machine

If you’ve forgotten just how big Terminator 2: Judgment Day was when it hit theatres way back in 1991, the blockbuster spawned a two-player shoot-’em-up arcade cabinet which even featured appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick, and Eddie Furlong filmed just for the game. The world didn’t end like the movie had predicted, but arcades sure did, and now the best way to experience the T2 arcade game is with Arcade1Up’s scaled recreation that recreates the two light guns (complete with force feedback recoil) and includes a wifi-powered international leaderboard. But at $US886 (A$1,198) this is definitely one of the priciest Arcade1Up cabinets to date.

Editor’s Note: Release dates within this article are based in the U.S., but will be updated with local Australian dates as soon as we know more.