Enjoy a Highlight Reel of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels, But Don’t Blink

Enjoy a Highlight Reel of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels, But Don’t Blink
Image: BBC

After three weeks of various ups and downs, Doctor Who: Flux reaches the second half of its truncated run this week with the return of some old foes. “Village of the Angels” sees the Doctor and her entourage hop over to the county of Devon in November 1967 to investigate a series of disappearances that may be from the stony hands of those Weeping Angels.

They’ve become a powerful set of recurring baddies since 2007’s iconic “Blink,” and have had some interesting turns, such as when one briefly became the Statue of Liberty. In case you haven’t kept up with the show and need a refresher (or just want to rewatch some of their scarier moments, which is totally valid), BBC’s put out a video ahead of tomorrow’s episode to sate your desires. After 14 years, it’s still kind of incredible that then-showrunner Russell T. Davies and writer Steven Moffat managed to make something pretty scary out of something generally mundane as a statue. And watching their heads sloooowly turn towards Amy in the two-parter “Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone” brought them to an “oh, shit” level of terrifying.

The energy vampires made a brief appearance in Flux’s premiere and served as the ominous closer for last week’s episode, but “Village” is a bit of a throwback to their debut in that it seems to be a one-off rather than continuing the story’s ongoing narrative. Is a standalone tale what a six-episode season needs? Doesn’t seem like it, but then, showrunner Alex Chibnall has previously said that these weird asides are eventually going to lead somewhere. So maybe here, we’ll get a stronger idea of what exactly that means.

“Village of the Angels” will premiere on BBC tomorrow. Stay tuned for our recap and spoiler zone for you to air all your thoughts out about this new episode.