Where to Find Every Electric Car Charging Station in Australia

Where to Find Every Electric Car Charging Station in Australia
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There are hundreds of electric car charging stations across Australia, with up to 10 different charging port styles. But, a lot of those aren’t exactly compatible with your car, as an established standard hasn’t come in (but it REALLY should).

You might be thinking about where you can get a charge in Australia – especially if you’re planning a getaway.

Have no fear, because we’re here to let you know about every electric car charging location in Australia, state by state.

Every electric car charging station in Australia

Below, you’ll find every electric car charger in Australia, condensed into one easy-to-use dynamic map, powered through Plugshare.com and Google Maps. This is a user-generated map that dots out all the charging stations in Australia.

You’ll notice we haven’t put every electric car charging station in Australia into one big list. That’s because it would be an enormous list and, frankly, charging stations are currently in an awkward position in Australia where there are too many to list but not enough to generally say, “There’s one nearby.”

Where are electric car charging stations typically?

You’ll typically find an electric car charging station beside the road at a designated charging bay or in designated charging areas at shopping centre car parks. You’ll also typically, as an electric car owner, have a charging cable at home.

In the future, it’s likely EV charging stations will operate somewhat like modern petrol stations, but we’re just not there yet.

Do electric car charging stations cost money?

It varies from station to station. Some EV charging stations will have you spend $10 for a single recharge, some charge by the kWh, whereas others have you pay for the time you use the station. Some are also free, but it’s unlikely to stay that way forever.

How do electric car charging stations work?

Once you’ve parked your EV at the station, you simply plug the provided plug (or your own provided plug, if necessary) into the charging port of your car and let it charge up. It’ll usually make an engaging noise to notify you it’s working, and if you have to pay, you’ll typically have to do so before using the machine.

How long do EVs take to charge?

It depends on the power supply and the demands of the electric car. Chargers in the home usually take between five and 16 hours to charge, whereas chargers available to the public can take between 10 minutes and five hours. It’s an area where petrol cars have an obvious advantage, however technology is improving over time.

How far can an EV travel?

Electric cars vary greatly in terms of range. While the Nissan Leaf can travel about 170km without depleting its battery, the Tesla Model S can reach about 500km.

If you’re thinking of travelling over long distances, it’s best to know the limits of your car and the location of any electric car charging stations along the way.