12 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers, Besides Actual Books

12 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers, Besides Actual Books
Image: iStock/petrunjela
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The holiday season is drawing ever closer and with it comes the anxiety of finding the perfect present. It’s tough when you’ve got a few book lovers and you’re wracking your brain for gifts other than what you can find in the Top 50 Bestsellers section of your local bookstore.

So let’s face it: finding the perfect gift for a reader can feel impossible. If they haven’t told you what they want, it’s quite likely they’ve already read it or worse, they don’t like what you’ve picked out for them.

While you could invite yourself over and sneak a peek at their bookshelves or question them about what’s on their TBR list, it’s not exactly subtle. If anything, your friendly bookworm is anticipating another handpicked read from yours truly.

Don’t get us wrong, buying a book is a special and, at times, an intimate gesture. But the issue is that unless they’re obsessed with the book, most readers won’t return for a re-read.

So why not go the extra mile and gift them a present they can use again and again during their downtime?

To help you out, we’ve put together a little Christmas gift guide that is sure to delight even the fussiest of readers.

A Book Light

A book light is a handy gift for a book lover
Image: Lencent

As a book’s plot ramps up and the sky gets darker, it can feel impossible to put a book down. While all reason may prompt you to hit the hay, having a book light lets you continue your chapter without disturbing your bedfellow.

This LENCENT 7 LED Book Light can alternate between three reading light colours (warm, white and both) and can clamp down on a 1.5-inch thick book. Simply clip it to your pages and position its  flexible 360-degree goose neck to any position you want. You can even attach it to your laptop, a canvas or a bed frame to shed some light on what you’re doing.

Get this must-have gift for your book lover here for $17.99.

A Leather Bookmark

Leather bookmark
Image: Sovereign-Gear Store

The greatest sin a reader can commit is the act of dog-earring the corners of a page. While we could never condone this type of behaviour, we can definitely sympathise with it. Losing bookmarks is akin to misplacing one’s keys.

However, you wouldn’t misplace something as beautiful as this handmade leather bookmark. Made from premium buffalo leather, these bookmarks give us an effortlessly antique vibe. It transports you back in time to when technology was non-existent and reading was a privilege of the rich.

There’s a number of great printed leather bookmarks to choose, from a cat to an owl – you’re bound to find one that resonates with your bookish friend.

Pick up your leather bookmark here for $12.95.

Fleur & Fable Personalised Rubber Stamp

Image: Fleur & Fable

Sometimes part of the drama in owning so many books is keeping track of which ones are yours. If you share a communal library with housemates or regularly lend out your copies, a personalised rubber stamp is just what you need.

Fleur & Fable are an Australian company that specialise in selling bookplate rubber stamps and stickers. Simply, push down your personalised rubber stamp in the centre of your page to get an even amount of pressure and voila, instant vintage imprint.

You can get yours here for $128.

A Macrame Hammock Chair

A macrame hammock chair is a lovely gift for a book-loving friend to curl up in
Image: Aster Outdoor

Next to a window seat, this is the stuff of dreams.

This macrame hammock chair presents a cosy reading nook to curl up in, whether that’s outside under the verandah or in the corner of your living room. Its alluring macrame design gives off dreamy bohemian vibes, promising ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Don’t let its looks deceive you though. This hanging chair is sturdy and made from a durable macrame fabric. It can hold weight up to 149kg thanks to its strong metal frame.

Order your macrame hammock here for $116.67.

An eReader

The perfect Christmas gift for a book lover: Kindle Paperwhite
Image: Amazon

The war between books and e-readers is over. The winner? Both. Even the most devoted bibliophile will find a use for e-reader like the Kindle in the right situation – whether they’re reading while travelling or on their lunch break. Give your book-loving friend the gift of convenience with one of these new eReaders.

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite has upped the ante with its 6.8-inch screen, thinner borders, warm light and a whopping 10 weeks of battery life. It improves on the original Kindle with its new waterproof feature, ensuring its place by your side when you hit the beach or pool this summer.

Dubbed “the most accomplished eReader ever” and for good reason, the Kobo Sage takes reading to the next level. While most eReaders limit you to digital downloads only, you can use the Kobo Sage to also listen to audiobooks. Not only that, but you can capture your ideas on-the-go and save them to other devices with Dropbox Support.

Book Lovers Mug

Book lover's mug
Image: Ginger Fox

This cute mug featuring 30 unforgettable classic novels is a quick stocking filler when collecting gifts for book lovers. Pair this present with a teapot, a package of hot chocolate or their favourite tea and you’ve got a simple little Christmas gift that they’ll use every day.

Shop yours here for $19.95.

Fasmov Wooden Bookends

Fasmov bookends
Image: Fasmov

It should come as no surprise that book lovers love book-shaped gifts. Now you can spice up your reader’s study desk or bookshelf with these Fasmov wood bookends.

Designed to appear like a stack of vintage hardcovers, no one would guess that these nifty bookends also double as a desktop organiser. Pull open one of the small golden knobs to unveil three mini drawers that can store pens, bookmarks or anything you like.

You can get these Fasmov wood bookends for $62.54 here.

Bamboo Reading Rest

Reodoeer Bamboo Reading Rest
Image: MoodDaeer

This bamboo reading rest is perfect for multi-tasking in the kitchen or when copying notes from a textbook. You can even use it to display the last page you were reading instead of bookmarking it.

Made from high quality bamboo, this sturdy reading rest can be adjusted to six different angle settings for your ease and comfort. This gift doesn’t need to be limited to a book lover, mum or grandma will certainly appreciate one in the kitchen too.

Shop your bamboo reading rest here for $16.99.

A Book Seat

A navy blue bookseat is a great gift for a book lover
Image: The Bookseat

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, a book seat is a comfortable way to sit your book on your lap and keep it warm at the same time.

They offer hands-free reading support and are ideal for reading during a long period of time. Like the bamboo reading rest, you can also use it to prop up your cookbook or even use it as a stand to watch movies from your tablet.

Grab your book seat here for $45.

Paddywax Library collection candles

Paddywax Candle. Ideal Christmas Gift for 2021
Image: Paddywax Candles

Reading books requires proper serenity and nothing says serenity like popping on your freshest candle. The Paddywax Library collection of candles fits in with the ~vibe~ of most book lovers and comes adorned with quotes from classic authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde.

Getting a candle does seem a little comme ci, comme ça as a gift idea for a book lover but this one shows you know their interests and you’re doing your bloody best to be thoughtful about it.

Pick up your Paddywax candle from here for $34.23.

A Literary Library Bag

I'd Rather Be Reading Tote Bag is perfect for a book lover
Image: ForbiddenPaper

We’ve found a handy Christmas gift that all book lovers will love. It’s not enough to have a bag that can carry your bags. It’s also how it looks.

This I’d Rather Be Reading canvas tote bags will help your pal cart heavy books around in style.

Shop the Rather Be Reading tote bag here for $20.86.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils diffuser. A great gift for book lovers.
Image: Asakuki

People don’t just like reading because they love books. It’s everything that goes along with it. They love going somewhere quiet, kicking their shoes off, snuggling into a couch, armchair or bed and cracking open a book (or e-reader) in the peace and quiet.

One of the perfect gifts to step up the reading ambience for book lovers is through an essential oil diffuser. The device will help with dry air, less-than-ideal smells and help block out any bad vibes.

Pick up your essential oil diffuser here for $36.54.

Book Bucket List Poster

Book bucket list is a great gift for book lovers
Image: Gift Republic

Every book lover will know how hard it is to swim against the rising tide of new books but if they haven’t yet read the classics either, it’s almost an impossible task if you don’t receive them as gifts. Get them this neat little scratch-off poster of 100 books everyone should read and they can slowly scratch one book off at a time. It’s got a good mix of old school and recent literary classics ranging from Ulysses and Lolita to The Road and Fear and Loathing In Vegas.

It will serve as a visual reminder of some of the books they’ve yet to tick off, which could be inspiring or devastating, really.

Gift your book bucket list poster for your book lover friend here for $38.32.