How to Block Your Number on an iPhone (and Override This for Some Contacts)

How to Block Your Number on an iPhone (and Override This for Some Contacts)
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Sometimes you just don’t want the person you’re calling to have your number, or you want to call from a private number because you know someone won’t answer. Whatever your reason, it’s handy to know how to block your number and switch off the Caller ID on your iPhone

This is how you block your number on an iPhone – and how you can override a switched off Caller ID for some of your contacts.

Block your number for just one call

This first method isn’t just for iPhone users and will only block your Caller ID for an individual call.

  • Head to Phone
  • Then tap on Keypad
  • Dial #31#
  • Then enter the number you are calling.
    block caller ID

If this doesn’t work, the ACMA recommends reaching out to your telco so they can do it at their end.

Block your number for all calls on an iPhone

This method will block your number for all calls on your iPhone, not just one.

  • Head to Settings
  • Scroll quite a bit until you reach Phone
  • Navigate to Show My Caller ID
  • Toggle the button ‘off’ (it will be grey if off)
    block number iphone
  • And your number is now blocked when making outbound calls.

Please note, however, that although your number will appear as ‘No Caller ID’ when you make a call, text messages/iMessages will still appear attached to your number.

Want some people to still see your number?

Well you’re in luck.

You can still have some contacts see your number when you make calls, even if you’ve set up the iPhone number block. Here’s how:

  • Head to Contacts
  • Select the contact you want to receive your caller ID
  • Up the top right, hit Edit
    block caller ID
  • Tap the number field (in our example, it’s a mobile)
  • Enter: *31#
  • Hit Done up the top right of your screen
    block number iphone

Their number will now have that string saved in front of it and providing you call them from the contact (not your Recents list), they will see your number when you call.

Now you know how to block your number on an iPhone and override it for some contacts. If you’re sick of spam and want to block unknown callers, we’ve got a guide for that, too.