Arcane, An Awesome Show, is Getting a Second Season

Arcane, An Awesome Show, is Getting a Second Season
Image: Netflix

League of Legends: Arcane is pretty awesome. Netflix’s first foray into Riot Games’ extremely popular MOBA and its focus on the sisterly duo of enforcer Vi and explosives anarchist Jinx has been met with pretty strong acclaim from those who’ve watched it. Whether it’s because of French studio Fortiche’s animation or the way it brings together various League champions like Jayce, Ekko, and Heimerdinger and gradually guides them to become the characters fans know them to be, the show’s taken off over its short three-week run. Following the release of its third act yesterday, which we’ll get to in a bit, Netflix and Riot Games confirmed a season two was in production.

There’s nothing really to show from the brief trailer, other than the sophomore outing will once again focus on the incredibly strained relationship between Vi and Jinx, with the cities of Zaun and Piltover caught in the middle. Thus far, only Hailee Steinfeld (Vi), Ella Purnell (Jinx), and Katie Leung (Caitlyn) have been confirmed to return. And it’s something of an important thing to note, because…

Jinx kinda killed about half of the first season’s main characters. In the last minutes of the final episode, “The Monster You Created,” the girl formerly known as Powder accidentally kills her crime loss adoptive daddy Silco (Jason Spisak). Wracked with grief and now fully settling into her Jinx persona, she takes the much sought after arcane crystal, puts it into her rocket launcher, and then fires at the Piltover Council — where Jayce (Kevin Alejandro), Viktor (Harry Lloyd), Mel (Toks Olagundoye), and other Council members had only just agreed to let the underground city of Zaun become independent.

Given their status in whatever the present day of League lore is, it’s obvious that Viktor and Jayce aren’t dead, but it’s everyone else you have to wonder about. Mel was sitting the closest to the rocket as it hit the building, and if she’s dead, that’ll certainly be trouble: she hails from the empire of Noxus, and her mother is its ruler who just dropped by Piltover in the hopes that Jayce would make weapons to help with Noxus’ war. If Mel’s dead, her mother will definitely turn the cities upside down looking to bring Jinx to justice.

Though they weren’t involved in the events of the finale at all, Heimerdinger (Mick Wingert) and Ekko (Reed Shannon) met up and formed a friendship in their desire to improve Zaun. With how they’re both connected to the other characters, they’ll surely get caught up in the chaos as well.

Guess we’ll find out for sure what happens to the cast and whoever else is waiting in the wings when season two debuts in the near future.