Young Justice: Phantoms Looks Like a Crisis on Animated Youths

Young Justice: Phantoms Looks Like a Crisis on Animated Youths
Image: Warner Bros. Animation

With each season of Young Justice, the young heroes of the DC Universe have found themselves embroiled in larger and larger conflicts that span their entire galaxy. The upcoming fourth season, subtitled Phantoms, may go bigger than ever before by putting the crimefighters in the middle of a battle that’ll determine the fate of all Earths.

Revealed at DC Fandome, the new trailer puts our heroes in pretty dire straits, emotionally. Lead by veterans Superboy (Nolan North), Miss Martian (Danica McKellar), and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), the youthful supers were considerably happier at the end of season three (Outsiders). They’d finally gotten their first legitimate win against Vandal Savage and the Light, but that happiness was always going to be short-lived. Now, they’ll have to do what they do best and keep Earth and the rest of the galaxy from plunging into chaos.

Each season of Young Justice carries a subtitle with a double meaning, and Phantoms is no different. The trailer shows Beast Boy and Artemis (Stephanie Lemelin) at odds with their tragic pasts, and it wouldn’t be surprising if other characters are similarly going through it as well. We’re sure to find out when the season starts…today? Yes! The first two episodes are available right now on HBO Max, with a new episode every Thursday beginning on October 21. That’s a pretty sweet drop, and the season’s sure to be a lot of well-animated (and sometimes convoluted for its own good) fun.

But what about that poster revealed earlier this month, showing multiple earths arranged in a multiverse-like fashion? That’ll surely play out over the rest of the season, but the imagery wouldn’t exist for no reason. Given the show’s tendency to remix old and new comics concepts, it’ll be interesting to see how they potentially handle the larger cosmic mythology that’s been going through it in the comics over the last couple of years. 

Image: Warner Bros. Animation Image: Warner Bros. Animation

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