This Week’s Toy News Has Killer Babies, Killer Doggos, and a Killer Ride

This Week’s Toy News Has Killer Babies, Killer Doggos, and a Killer Ride
Image: Star Ace, NECA, and Playmobil

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the latest and greatest merch news around. This week, Elon Musk forms an unlikely partnership with Mattel to get his cybertruck off the ground, Nerf gets into the fort game, and that gorgeous Gargoyles Goliath gets a much-needed friend. Check it out!

Image: Mattel Image: Mattel

Mattel MEGA X Tesla Cybertruck

You still can’t actually buy the real thing (late 2022 is the current ETA), but for $US250 ($337) you can build one. Mattel has revealed a MEGA (the company’s own brand of interlocking plastic bricks that’s compatible with other Danish toys) version of the Tesla Cybertruck that measures over a foot and a half in length when the set’s 3,000 pieces are all assembled. There’s no electric drivetrain, but the DIY Cybertruck does feature adjustable suspension, a folding tailgate, and swappable windows that include a version that comes pre-shattered. Pre-orders started today on the Mattel Creations website.

Image: Star Ace Image: Star Ace

Star Ace The Boys Billy Butcher Sixth-Scale Figure

Sure, this is, technically, an action figure of Karl Urban’s foul-mouthed renegade Billy Butcher from The Boys. Sure, Billy comes with a host of mean accessories, including a crowbar and a cattle prod, an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, an alternate head, and even a shovel for good measure. Sure, there’s even more beyond that, including a cigarette to pose with sunglasses, and all the alternate pairs of hands needed to pose with these.

You’re here for the laser baby. Honestly, you might not even be here for anything else and think the $US300 ($405) asking price is worth it just for an LED-enhanced baby that shoots beams out of its eyes (it’s $US260 ($351) for the version without but really, what’s wrong with you?). We won’t judge, but your wallet will come the middle of 2022. [TNI]

Image: Playmobil Image: Playmobil

Playmobil Back to The Future Part III Advent Calendar

Playmobil has only released one set featuring the iconic time-travelling DeLorean from the original Back to the Future, although the vehicle’s appearance changed across the other two films in the trilogy. The Playmobil “Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard Chase” set included a Mr. Fusion upgrade for the car, but if you want it to look like the 1950s or wild west versions of Doc Brown’s DeLorean, you’re going to need the new $US35 ($47) Playmobil Back to The Future Part III Advent Calendar currently available through Amazon. In addition to replacement wheels and an engine fix that straps to the hood, the advent calendar includes 24 holiday surprises in total from the third movie in the trilogy, such as Copernicus the dog, the letter from 1885, a vintage camera and a diorama featuring the clock tower under construction, and even a Playmobil version of Mary Steenburgen’s Clara Clayton.

Image: NECA Image: NECA

NECA Gargoyles Bronx Figure

Remember when that cool Gargoyles Goliath figure got announced and you were like “oh wow, that’s great! Now only if it came with a pair of his wings that were folded like a cape, just how Goliath does on the show, that’d be even better.” Well… now it does, sort of? NECA has announced its latest figure in the series, Goliath’s trusty not-quite-canine companion Bronx, as well as its plans to spread accessories for figures across the Gargoyles line to both try and maintain lower consistent costs per figure but create value that encourages collectors to invest in the line beyond just the figures they actually want. Bronx at least is a natural pairing if you snagged Goliath, and it’s not like he doesn’t come with a few bonuses of his own, like a hunk of meat to play with and three swappable heads (stoic, growling, and roaring). But it’s certainly one way to make sure you try and keep up with a whole lot of toys, just in case the accessory you really want for one comes packaged elsewhere down the line. No pricing details for Bronx were revealed yet, but NECA teased more info in spring 2022. [TNI]

Image: KidKraft Image: KidKraft

KidKraft Nerf Forts

Like with paintball, there are actually lots of facilities full of random obstacles where a group of friends can run around shooting foam darts at each other with Nerf blasters. But why leave home for that when KidKraft has teamed up with Hasbro to create a series of Nerf-themed forts that can turn a backyard or large basement into a warzone? The various build-it-yourself structures have features like swinging bridges, rock climbing walls, trap doors, hidden periscopes, targets, and lots of storage for both blasters and foam ammo. The two smaller forts (on the right), the Nerf Geo Strike Headquarters and Nerf Scout Defence Post will set you back $US600 ($809) each, while the more elaborate (on the left) Nerf Command Base Battle Fort is $US1,500 ($2,023) but looks a lot larger than most New York apartments.

Image: Hasbro Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Play-Doh Grown Up Scents ‘90s Edition

If you’re among the elite few who absolutely can’t stand the smell of Play-Doh, Hasbro is expanding its collection of less-offensive “Grown Up Scents” with a new ‘90s Edition multi-pack. Available at the start of November for $US13 ($18) on Amazon, the new scents included in six 113.40 g. cans are Eau de Boy Band, VHS Rental ‘n Chill, Pump Up the Jamz, Dial Up Delight, Mall Food Court, and Flannel Fresh. What any of these actually smell like remains to be seen, although you can probably assume that Mall Food Court will be a mix of Cinnabon, Sbarro, and Mrs. Fields — staples of malls across the country.

Image: USAopoly Image: USAopoly

USAopoly Monopoly: Queen Edition

If you grew up in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, nothing will make you feel as old as learning that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the band Queen. To commemorate the occasion, we’re getting another iteration of Monopoly (have we reached the million mark yet?) that swaps the game’s traditional railroads with rock hits like “We Will Rock You” and “Another One Bites the Dust,” six updated tokens inspired by other Queen songs (a bicycle, for example), and properties that include places the band played like Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Garden. Instead of building houses and hotels, players will build staging blocks and full concert productions on the various properties. You can grab a copy now for $US45 ($61).

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