The Walking Dead Reveals an Ominous Teaser and a Return Date

The Walking Dead Reveals an Ominous Teaser and a Return Date

AMC’s The Walking Dead has revealed the start date for its midseason return. The zombie series will begin its end (again) with eight episodes on February 20, 2022 — and a new teaser reveals it’ll be all about the eventual war our heroes will have to face against both the Reapers and the seemingly idyllic, but secretly messed up Commonwealth. It’s even got a moody cover of Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” to prove it. Not that you didn’t think otherwise, but shit’s about to go down for sure.

If you’ve been keeping up with our recaps, you know that it was only recently that season 11 started getting its groove back. Nothing is going well for any of our heroes, and the midseason finale on October 10 will see things come to a head in the ominously titled “For Blood.” If the Reapers continuing to make trouble wasn’t bad enough, there’s still the rising threat of the Commonwealth. Then again, the Commonwealth may have some internal struggles of its own in the near future. If this show has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t make a new society without having tons of blood spilled along the way.

Once this next eight-episode run ends, it’ll be some time before the actual true ending arrives, with the final episodes likely dropping in the fall of 2022. AMC’s treating this like the big deal it is, and it really wants you to feel the finality coming. Probably doesn’t help that the production was also delayed thanks to a real life pandemic.

And a reminder that while the main series is ending, The Walking Dead has life left in it yet: Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes is still getting a movie centred around his exploits after the character left the show in 2018. Plus, there’s the prequel series Fear the Walking Dead, whose seventh season debuts on October 17; the teen-focused Walking Dead: World Beyond, which is currently airing its second season; that upcoming Daryl and Carol spin-off — and probably more in the works. There’s a lotta zombies in AMC’s future, not that there was ever any doubt.

The Walking Dead is available on Binge in Australia.

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