The Batman’s Explosive New Trailer Looks Behind Bruce Wayne’s Furious Mask

The Batman’s Explosive New Trailer Looks Behind Bruce Wayne’s Furious Mask
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

A new look at Matt Reeves’ The Batman is here, and it’s big on the action — plus the fury that comes when you really, really tick off Robert Pattinson’s young, raw incarnation of the legendary DC Comics hero.

Released as part of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s DC Fandome event today, the new trailer for Reeves’ Batman — other Batmen are and will be available, of course — reboot builds on a lot of the footage we first saw when it debuted at last year’s event. There’s a bit more of Bruce’s rain-soaked beatdown with some clown-makeup-clad goons, and a much more fiery look at his pursuit of Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin (Colin Farrell), and new angles of action like the funeral car-crash. But there’s also a lot more focus on characters we only glimpsed in that first tease, especially Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle.

Contrasting all the anger Bruce gets to unleash, we’ve got some moments of intimacy between him and Selina as she attempts to probe what kind of man sits behind the Batman’s angry mask. Additionally, we get proper good glimpses of Paul Dano as the Riddler (and his penchant for question marks in the silliest of places), Andy Serkis as Alfred, and even a few more good looks at Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon, too. But for all our glimpses, above all the focus here is on that aforementioned explosive anger, as Bruce turns his new persona as the Dark Knight into a petrifying unstoppable force — whether it’s a spray of bullets (or six) or attempts to turn his new ride into scrap. Nothing, it seems, is going to stop this Batman… other than perhaps his own fury.

No doubt we’ll learn more as to what makes this latest Batman tick as we get closer to The Batman’s release date, March 3, 2022. Dead parents? I bet it’s dead parents.