Our First Look at DC’s Naomi Is Ripped Right From the Comics

Our First Look at DC’s Naomi Is Ripped Right From the Comics
Screenshot: The CW

Though Naomi McDuffie’s only been kicking around in DC’s comics for a few years now, the young heroine’s already making the jump over to the small screen in the CW’s upcoming Naomi series set to debut this fall. With this year’s DC Fandome comes a new clip from Naomi introducing Kaci Walfall as the show’s titular heroine at a pivotal moment in her life when everything she knew about herself was about to change.

Because she’s such a relatively new character, Naomi’s comics lore is still really coming into shape, but her origin story’s a rather action-packed one. Like everyone from Port Oswego, Oregon, Naomi grew up longing for one of the world’s many superheroes to one day show up in her town while involved in some sort of larger-than-life crisis with world-changing stakes. For as long as anyone could remember, though, the town remained sleepy, quiet, and off superheroes’ radars until the one day when Superman just so happened to crash-land into the town square during a battle with Mongul. Take a look at a clip from the upcoming series:

In DC’s Naomi #1 from writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker, and artist Jamal Campbell, Naomi’s one of the many locals who rushes to catch a glimpse of Superman as he makes his first appearance in Port Oswego ever, and the new clip seems more or less ripped from the source material. After Naomi receives a text message alerting to her Superman’s presence, she rushes to ditch her class and to see the blue blur in action. But where comics Naomi’s able to get a good look at the cape, the CW’s take on the character only makes it so far out of her school before she passes out for some reason.

What Naomi doesn’t know as her story begins is that she, much like Superman was as a child, is no ordinary adoptee, but rather a powerful hero in-in-the-making with a very important destiny. Because Superman factors so largely into Naomi’s origins, it’s going to be interesting to see whether the CW’s Naomi pulls its resident live-action Superman, Tyler Hoechlin, into the new series for at least one significant cameo to help kick it off, and if other big-named supers might also meet her in the future after the series premieres.