Naturally, Far Cry 6 Has A Very Chill Secret Ending

Naturally, Far Cry 6 Has A Very Chill Secret Ending
Image: YouTube (Dan Allen Gaming)

The rebel life isn’t for everyone. Some would rather hang out with a cocktail than lead a bloody revolution, and it’s nice that Far Cry 6 gives you the choice.

Secret endings are becoming a thing for the Far Cry series. Far Cry 6 is no different, but rather than having players sit silently at a dinner table for several minutes or just walking away from the opening cutscene, this ending isn’t available until at least a little further in.

Footage of the secret ending has been uploaded across the internet, and you can see it play out narratively in the video recorded by Dan Allen Gaming. It’s not really much of a spoiler, to be fair. It’s early in on the game when you’re first introduced to the revolution, but at this stage you’re not completely sold on the guerilla lifestyle.

The leader of the Libertad resistance, Clara, tells you that it’ll be bloody. It won’t be a peaceful revolution even when won: there will be assassinations, civil war, foreign coups for decades. It will be ugly; it will go on for a generation.

That’s not for everyone. So if you want to leave, the player is quite literally given the option. Want to go hang out on a beach? Here’s a boat. Off you go.

If you choose to head to the beach, you’re given a waypoint far out on the edge of the map. The screen fades to black and you’re given a vision of your player character hanging out while listening to a radio. The Libertad forces are defeated, Clara killed and the country (presumably somewhere in the United States, given the references to the Latin American slang Yanqui) facing more lockdowns to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The actual Far Cry 6 ending takes anywhere from 15 to 30 hours according to one estimate, depending on difficulty and how many side quests and military targets you clear out along the way. There’s also some interesting in-game teasers via QR codes for what could be a Far Cry spin-off, according to GamesRadar.

Far Cry 6 doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow Australian time. If you’re interested, here’s our roundup of how much it’ll cost in Australia.