Michael Keaton Says The Iconic Batsuit Still Fits After 30 Years

Michael Keaton Says The Iconic Batsuit Still Fits After 30 Years
Image: Warner Bros. / DC

“Svelte as ever” was how returning Batman, Michael Keaton, described his experience wearing the iconic Batsuit for the first time in 30 years. Despite the long gap since playing the character, Keaton hasn’t let age get in the way of reprising the role that launched his star. He’ll next be seen in DC’s The Flash, alongside Ben Affleck’s own Batman in an adventure that’s being described as a ‘multiverse’ story.

While Keaton won’t be wearing the exact same Batsuit — the original reportedly had major issues with neck and shoulder movement — Keaton revealed in a new interview with Stephen Colbert that the new suit had the “same dimensions, same fitting” as the original. So when his Batman finally debuts in the DCEU, he’ll be exactly as everyone remembers him.

For fans who grew up with Keaton’s Batman, it’s fantastic news, and it’s sure to bring a hefty dose of nostalgia to The Flash. 

For a long time, Keaton was the definitive Batman, and his performances alongside Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer remain iconic. In the years since, there’s been countless reinterpretations of the character, with Robert Pattinson being the latest to don the suit.

They’ve rarely measured up to the brilliant campiness and drama of 1989’s Batman, and it’s part of the reason why Keaton remains so revered.

So far, we’ve only seen glimpses of Keaton’s returning Batman through teases on Instagram, but as we head closer to The Flash‘s 2022 release date it’s likely we’ll hear more about what role he’ll play.

We could even hear more as early as October, with this year’s DC Fandome set to reveal all about upcoming DC TV shows, movies and more.

The announced return of Keaton as Batman was very unexpected when whispers of a solo Flash movie began, but if any character deserves justice in an era where superhero movies have come to be worshipped, it’s Keaton’s Batman. He was arguably at the forefront of the genre, and kicked down Hollywood doors for superheroes long before the Marvel universe was a wink in Disney’s eye.

“I get this on a whole other level now. I totally respect it,” Keaton told Colbert during their recent interview. “It was not a silly thing when I did Batman. But it has become a giant thing, culturally… This is a big deal.”

We’ll find out exactly how much of a big deal when The Flash hits Australian cinemas on November 3, 2022.