Marvel’s Hawkeye Trailer Promises the Best Christmas Ever, If You Like Hawkeye Being Beat Up

Marvel’s Hawkeye Trailer Promises the Best Christmas Ever, If You Like Hawkeye Being Beat Up
Gonna need a few more frozen drink mixes by New Year's, Clint. (Screenshot: Marvel Studios)

What’s more Christmassy than tickets to a Broadway show, family LARP events, or even a new friend to meet? The chance to shoot exploding arrows at truckloads of goons for punching you about, of course.

Marvel has released a short new trailer for its upcoming Hawkeye team-up series, which will pair Jeremy Renner’s seasoned Avenger Clint Barton with Hailee Steinfeld’s newcomer, would-be-Young Avenger Kate Bishop. The show is set over a holiday period in New York City that of course Clint promises will be the Best Christmas Ever after all that, y’know, “sorry I went cosplay murdering Japanese gangsters after you all got apocalypse’d” business in Avengers: Endgame. But naturally, it can only be the Best Christmas Ever if, instead of LARP events and Broadway recreations of the original Avengers movie’s battle for New York, Clint got beat up by a bunch of mystery thugs as he found himself introduced to the young woman who’d really quite like to be at least his student in the ways of the bow, if not straight up his replacement as the Avenging Archer.

There’s not much more here that we didn’t see in the series’ debut trailer last month, other than Clint’s hapless attempts to explain to both his family and Kate just how great this holiday season was, at least until all the chases and fighting started. But it’s a chance to at least see Renner’s Barton loosen up a bit more than he has in his appearances in the Avengers movies so far, especially recently so, given, well, the aforementioned cosplay murdering of Japanese gangsters. It’s not quite full on Aja/Fraction Hawkeye like the show really wants to ape, but it’s a taste.

Hawkeye, a perpetually distressing reminder of the proximity of the festive season, will launch with two episodes on November 24, with the remaining four releasing weekly every Wednesday.