While You Wait for Facebook to Return Have a Laugh at These Memes

While You Wait for Facebook to Return Have a Laugh at These Memes
Drew Angerer, Getty Images

You may have noticed earlier today that Facebook went down in a major worldwide outage. Unfortunately, a fair few sites including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp sit under the Facebook umbrella, meaning they were also impacted.

It’s just one of many online service outages we’ve had recently and it follows an annoying breakdown from Slack late last week.

Naturally, whenever something on the internet goes down, the internet has something to say about it and we’ve been blessed with plenty of memes, jokes and opinions.

Service is currently being restored to users worldwide which means, eventually, all we’ll have to mark this Facebook outage are the memes. Here are some of the best.

The best memes from today’s Facebook and Instagram outage

Following the outage of two major social media sites, everyone jumped ship to the next best solution: Twitter.

This included Facebook itself, which had to do the walk of shame over to Twitter to communicate the outage.

Twitter’s response absolutely revelled in the fact its competitors were out of action. It’s also why all the memes we found are from Twitter.

The tweet quickly gained 2.7 million likes and earned ironic responses from the company accounts of WhatsApp and Instagram.

Plenty of long-time Twitter uses were also smug in the fact other platforms were down.

Netflix jumped on the outage with an accurate meme from the series everyone is talking about, Squid Game.

In fact, there were Squid Game memes aplenty.

Twitter also became the place to check that it wasn’t just you who was having issues with Facebook and Insta.

We also have to give props to Twitter for literally holding the internet together right now.

Don’t forget that Facebook going down also meant Oculus went down with it.

Some people embraced the fact Facebook was down and were hopeful it would never return, Edward Snowden included.

As for why this happened in the first place, we still don’t know. But it surely couldn’t have anything to do with this, right?


In the meantime, here’s one for all of us while we wait for everything to return to normal.

Good luck on your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram-less journeys, friends.