Deadpool, Missing Chairs, and Skeletor’s Staff Highlight the Week in Toys

Deadpool, Missing Chairs, and Skeletor’s Staff Highlight the Week in Toys
Image: Bandai, Mattel, and Square-Enix

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of all things good and plastic in the world of merchandise. This week: Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool gets inducted into the world of S.H. Figuarts, we’re very perturbed about the lack of a chair in an action figure, and things get downright martial with replica staves and swords. Check it out!

Image: Mattel Image: Mattel

Mega Construx Pro Builders Masters of the Universe Skeletor’s Havoc Staff

To those who thought their loyalty to Lego would never be tested by other interlocking brick toys, Mattel’s Mega Construx line is about to make it very difficult not to jump ship. Available as an Amazon exclusive for $90 is this wonderfully detailed, 40.5-inch long replica of Skeletor’s Havoc Staff from the Masters of the Universe. The product description claims it’s “sturdy enough to be wielded by the Evil Lord of Destruction himself,” but we’re going to assume it won’t survive more than a few minutes in battle. But it does have us wishing and hoping that a brick-built, life-size replica of He-Man’s mythical sword isn’t far behind.

Image: S.H. Figuarts Image: S.H. Figuarts

S.H. Figuarts Deadpool (Movie Version) Figure

There’s no getting around the fact that paying close to $95 for a single, six-inch tall action figure is obscene. But to its credit, S. H. Figuarts does a respectable job of delivering an incredible amount of detail, articulation, and accessories with this six-inch Deadpool figure based on the character’s recent appearance in the two movies of the same name. In terms of weaponry the figure includes just a pair of swords, but on top of that you get eight replacement hands in various poses, as well as three sets of swappable eyes with different expressions. Pre-orders are expected to be available soon.

Image: Mattel Image: Mattel

Mattel Little People Collector The Rolling Stones, Inspiring Women, and The Golden Girls Special Edition Figure Sets

Determined to give Funko a run for its money, Mattel continues to aggressively expand its Little People Collector sets with more pop culture icons joining the likes of The Office, KISS, and the Beatles. Available now, or in at least the next few days, will be three new sets that include the Rolling Stones (RIP Charlie Watts, you’ll now live on forever as a tiny plastic toddler-friendly figurine), the stars of The Golden Girls, and an “Inspiring Women” collection with Dr. Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, and Sally Ride. Each set will sell for $30; the “Inspiring Women” will be available from Target, the Stones will be sold by Amazon, and the Golden Girls set will be found almost anywhere.

Image: Square-Enix Image: Square-Enix

Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Gainsborough (Red Dress)

Square-Enix’s Play Arts line is known for lots of intricate little detailing and not so much for its accessories, depending on the character. Sometimes they have all that you need, sometimes, they leave you wanting a little more. This version of FFVII Remake’s Aerith is more of the latter — and not just because this iteration of her clad in her sumptuous red dress from the game’s iconic Wall Market sequences (where the party glams up, Cloud included, to infiltrate the manse of the sleazy Don Corneo) is missing things like Aerith’s trademark magic staff, or any accessories beyond some extra hands and an alternate face.

It’s also because people know this version of Aerith for one very specific thing: proving she doesn’t need a magic staff because she can, and absolutely will, deck a thug over the head with a fold-up chair like she’s entering a wrestling ring. An incredible moment, and completely absurd of S-E to not let you recreate without having to Google a correctly scaled chair yourself. If you’re fine with a chairless Aerith however, she’ll cost $215 and is set for a June 2022 release. [Toyark]

Spin Master Air Hogs Jump Fury

Last year Spin Master gave parents a chance to breathe a sigh of relief by outfitting an RC car with oversized foam wheels that meant it was completely safe to crash and careen through a house. This year, the foam-wheeled Stunt Shot has been upgraded to the Air Hogs Jump Fury, which keeps the safe and soft wheels but adds a powered jumping mechanism that can launch the RC truck up to 22 inches into the air at the push of a button on its included wireless remote. Available now for $55 at most big box retailers and Amazon.

Image: A24 Image: A24

A24 The Green Knight Sir Gawain’s Sword

It’s a sword. What more could you want? Oh, ok, well it’s not like you’re going to be lopping gargantuan green beings’ heads off with it — A24 and Online Ceramics’ 42” long replica isn’t going to be sold exactly battle-ready. It also, depending on your taste, has the Green Knight title and a collaboration logo stamped into the design of the blade of Gawain’s sword too, as well as a quote from the film (“Prove thy worth, or off with thy head”) debossed into the sheathe. But those are minor complains, all in all, for people who wandered out of a showing of David Lowery’s haunting fantasy and suddenly felt like owning a sword. Which you can do, if you act fast: the replica is in a limited run of just 150 blades, and will set you back a hefty $620. It’s set to ship in December, just in time for any and all good weapon-gifting seasons. [A24]

Image: Mattel Image: Mattel

Mattel BAPE x UNO

As the number of Uno variants slowly creeps closer to the number of stars in the sky (which are still outnumbered by all the Monopoly variants available), Mattel is working hard to make the decks legitimately collectible through collaborations with various artists. Following a deck designed by Shepard Fairey, Uno is now getting a limited edition facelift courtesy of the Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape — better known as BAPE. The deck features the brand’s recognisable ape-based characters, and is available on the Mattel Creations website for $35, although it appears to be sold out at the moment.

Image: Igloo Image: Igloo

Igloo Star Wars Stainless Steel Can Tumblers

The Skywalker Vineyards have their own wines, but does Star Wars have an official beer? Not that we know of. So while these might look like “Ales from the Mos Eisley Cantina,” they’re actually stainless steels tumblers from Igloo designed to look and feel like tall ones — but with tops that twist on and off for easy refills. Five versions are available wrapped in various Star Wars motifs, and they can be purchased through Igloo’s website for $30 each.