Reminder, You Can Disable Your Apple Watch’s Always On Display

Reminder, You Can Disable Your Apple Watch’s Always On Display
Image: Apple

Apple revealed its Apple Watch Series 7 last month but it’s taken a bit longer to ship. Now that the new Apple Watch is landing on wrists worldwide we can get a better understanding of all its features – one of which is a brighter Always On display.

This is a nifty new feature that came to the Apple Watch in Series 5. The Always On feature essentially means your watch face is always displayed, even when you have your wrist down. For Series 7, that feature is 70 per cent brighter indoors thanks to its new display.

With Always On, your watch will ignore most taps and swipes. You can bring it back to full brightness by either raising your wrist or pressing on the digital crown or the side button.

This feature is activated by default on the Apple Watch Series 5 and above. While it’s a neat addition, it does have the tendency to eat into the battery life of the Apple Watch, so some users may want to consider turning it off.

If that’s you, we’ve compiled a guide for you!

How to disable the Apple Watch ‘Always On’ display

Apple has a pretty easy support guide on its website for managing this feature. As per its instructions, to turn off Always On all you need to do is:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch
  2. Tap ‘Display and Brightness’
  3. Tap ‘Always On’
  4. Toggle the ‘Always On’ button to off.

Pretty simple!

You can also customise your Always On display if you’d prefer to keep it around.

In the ‘Always On’ menu within Settings, you’ll have options for choosing which complications (like your activity rings and timers) you want to see on the watch face. You can also customise notifications and which apps can show information.

A reminder that this is just information you want to show while your wrist is down. You may not be looking at the display but it may be visible to someone else so it’s worth considering.

It’s unclear exactly how much disabling Always On will extend your Watch’s battery life, but the online consensus is that it does make a difference.