8 Ways Lego’s New 3,955-Piece Home Alone Set Will Help You Forget There’s an Awful Disney+ Remake Coming

8 Ways Lego’s New 3,955-Piece Home Alone Set Will Help You Forget There’s an Awful Disney+ Remake Coming

The news that Disney was prepping a remake/sequel of Home Alone for its streaming service was all the more upsetting when the first trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone was actually released. Instead of watching that, thanks to Lego, you can instead immerse yourself in the original holiday classic with this spectacular recreation of the McCallisters’ home that young Kevin is forced to defend.

As revealed last summer, Alex Storozhuk’s Lego Ideas Home Alone house submission was approved to be turned into a real set, and thanks to Lego designers Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer, it’s finally ready for an official production run. The set is stuffed full of countless vignettes and Easter eggs from the 1990 film. Here are some of the best features that might make it impossible to pass up, and at least will help you completely forget about that remake.

The World’s First Joe Pesci Minifigure

Joe Pesci’s most memorable film roles aren’t exactly kid-friendly, but in 1990 Home Alone helped introduce a generation of kids (and several generations to come) to his acting chops. As a result, Harry is the first official Lego minifigure to be based on a Joe Pesci character. Do you think that’s funny?

A Perfect Daniel Stern as Marv Minifigure

Marv, the other member of the “Wet Bandits,” was brought to the screen by Daniel Stern, and his Lego minifigure couldn’t be more perfect. On one side of his head you’ll find his face with a goofy grin, while on the other side is his understandably enraged face complete with the imprint of a clothes iron.

Angels With Filthy Souls Playing on a Tiny Lego TV

The movie within a movie called Angels With Filthy Souls (based on a real life noir flick called Angels With Dirty Faces) features some of Home Alone’s most quotable lines, and this set includes a tiny Lego TV featuring the fictional film’s impatient villain, Johnny, on screen.

A Cameo by Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was already a household name by the time Home Alone hit theatres, having won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 1988, but his memorable cameo in the movie didn’t involve him at all. Instead, a life-size cutout helped Kevin fool the Wet Bandits into thinking he wasn’t home alone, and that scene, complete with a tiny Lego train, is included in this set.

Tiny Little Nero’s Pizza Pies

One of Home Alone’s best running gags is the pizza delivery person repeatedly crashing into and toppling the jockey statue on the McCallister’s driveway (also included in the set) but seeing the minifigure version of Kevin with tiny Little Nero’s Pizza boxes has us reaching for the phone to order some delivery.

Terrifying Booby Traps

In 2017, someone modified Home Alone with more blood to reflect just how dangerous the various booby traps Kevin had created really were. The movie looked more like a horror after that, but thankfully minifigures don’t bleed, or feel pain, and can be reassembled should they break, so Lego included many of Kevin’s cringe-inducing traps throughout the miniature house.

A Suitably Creepy Old Man Marley Minifigure

Even though you know Kevin’s neighbour, who his brother refers to as Old Man Marley, is actually a kind old man who eventually reconnects with his son and family, Roberts Blossom’s portrayal of the character at the start of the film is still incredibly creepy. And despite being just over an inch tall, Lego’s Marley minifigure is equally unsettling.

The Tearful Reunion

We can blame it on John Williams’ emotional score, but admit it: Every time you see Kevin McCallister reunited with his mum when all is said and done at the end of the movie, you’re probably fighting back tears. Now you can recreate that heartwarming scene whenever you want with the set’s Kate and Kevin minifigures, or even play out a whole different movie where Kevin’s mum doesn’t actually forget her son at home.

When Can You Get It?

The Lego Ideas Home Alone set will be officially available at Lego brick-and-mortar stores and on Lego’s website starting on Nov. 1 for $US250 ($333). Keep the change, ya filthy animal.

Editor’s Note: Prices and release dates within this article are based in the U.S., but will be updated with local pricing and availability as soon as we know more.